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Fri Aug 26 18:11:28 EDT 2005

From: Kiilu Nyasha <kiilu1 at mindspring.com>

Greetings All:

I have met with Gordon Kaupp of Dennis Cunningham's law offices here in 
S.F.  We spent a few hours at my pad going over Rue's files and petitions 
which I've kept in my file drawer all these years -- as well as Rue's 
history, etc.  We're hoping that I'll be able to attend the Board hearing 
as his legal assistant, since that's what I am in practice.  This is at 
Ruchell's request.

Gordon noted the deadline for letters has passed, but he can take a stack 
of letters into the hearing with him.  So if you haven't written or if you 
have and still have a copy of your letter, please send copies to:

         Attorney Gordon Kaupp
         115 1/2 Bartlett
         San Francisco, Ca. 94110

You can also send donations for expenses to the same place. Gordon is doing 
this pro bono, but there will be expenses no doubt. He's planning to make a 
trip to Corcoran (near Bakersfield, Ca.) a few days before the hearing, 
then take us all down on the 7th, stay over in a hotel and get to the 
morning hearing on the 8th.  (I have to travel with an attendant)  If I 
don't get into the hearing, I'm hoping I can get to see Rue again after 34 
years!  BTW, I got a very upbeat letter from him today, indicating he has a 
job offer from his home town in Franklinton, La.  He also heard the hearing 
announced on KPFK (L.A.)

Free Ruchell and all political prisoners!


P.S.  Go to www.sfbayview.com for more information.

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