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Subject: From Marty Price -- RE: Feelings of Great Love...
From: "Frederick D. Perry" <greatwork at sbcglobal.net>

Dear brothers and Sisters please distribute this as widely as you can . 
Don't assume that we have the same email lists. Getting this from both of 
us would be a little annoying getting this from neither of us could leave a 
good friend in the dark. Even the best news reports have essentially acted 
as judge and jury in the case... Help get the word out to the network.
    "If you stick a knife nine inches into my back and pull it out three 
inches, that is not progress. Even if you pull it all the way out, that is 
not progress. Progress is healing the wound, and America hasn't even begun 
to pull out the knife."
El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

 From Marty Price:

Dear Brothers and sisters, friends and comrades,

Thank you so much for the kind words for Styles.  Styles indeed did stand 
tall during this debacle.  Being implicated by someone you knew in an 
insane murder for whatever reason is maddening.  The fact that don Juan not 
only absurdly "confessed" to something he probably did not do shows you the 
effect of a lifetime of criminal addiction in a person who is a known 
schizoid, a person who has been institutionalized twice that we know about, 
who has self medicated with cocaine, heroin and liquor for over thirty five 
years is abysmal.

You put a deranged, delusional junkie in the hands of an opportunist, 
prevaricator like Lt. Russell Lopes of Berkeley Police department...and you 
find an innocent man behind bars, his life completely disrupted.  The fact 
that this so-called police lt. could contrive evidence, publicly lie about 
a composite picture, a graphic sketch wherein he can now see by running the 
pictures back on a computer dating scheme matches Styles to the shooter is 
preposterous.  The original composite done with the only eye witness showed 
a dark or brown skinned black man, with an Asiatic cast to his 
eyes.  Styles does look like a whiteman with no possible match, but yet 
this rent a cop(I say that because he is retired and should stay that way) 
can publicly lie shows his viciousness is boundless.

The authorities announced that Styles would be freed 26 hrs before he 
actually was.  They did not bring him to court yesterday for his appearance 
and then would not tell us where he was.  His attorney then called and told 
Styles wife that Styles would be released from Santa Rita at five.  Styles 
son Sandor and I waited from five until 1:30 in the morning for his 
release.  One of my former students was released around midnight. He hugged 
me when he saw me and told me Styles was being held in a cell and 
handcuffed the whole time he was in the cell.  I guess handcuffing an 
innocent man, who has had no charges against in , in a cell would indeed 
prevent him from being a flight risk.  I maintain that this Berkeley ex-cop 
probably trained the idiots working at Abu Gharib.  This Lt. can do what he 
does because most of the police establishment in this country is above 
scrutiny.  The newspeople who waited with me where completely amazed, "wow 
they really have it in for your brother"  Of course it was easy to check on 
who Styles is character wise as everyone in this town basically knows my 
brother and our family.

Our family is genuinely concerned for the pain caused to Officer Sukamoto's 
family, but our family has suffered this kind of loss also.  Our cousin 
living in the affluent community of Malibu, Ca. was raped and murdered at 
the age of 14.  Her body(remains where found under a bush high in Latigo 
Canyon.  Of course her killers were never found, she was a black girl 
living among the well to do, a high achiever, a talented musician, but at 
the end of the day she was a black girl who received no justice even though 
my comrades Kenny, and Fernando gave the cops the names of the killers.

We also feel for the family of Don Juan Graphenreed.  His brothers Joey and 
Reggie along with his mother were shocked to know that Don had implicated 
Styles and accused him of being the shooter, but then they have had to live 
with the lies caused by his illness and addiction for all of his adult 
life.  A man devoid of conscious, who has stolen from his kids, grandkids 
and everyone in his family.

We have been completely gratified by the response of our family, extended 
family and friends  world wide. If indeed they had attempted to arraign 
Styles the courthouse would have been packed.  Our union brothers and 
sisters from local 510 were prepared to leave Moscone at lunch to support 
him, and he received support of the Oakland teachers union as well.

This Lt.. Lopes needs to be challenged and dismissed.  Not only slandering 
our brother, but the deliberate slander of the Black Panther Party as 
well.  If memory serves us correctly it was 24(?) panthers murdered by the 
police in an 18 month period nationally and not one cop brought to 
justice(read the public record of the cops who murdered Fred Hampton and 
Mark Clark....it is schooling that these men were given immunity for 
murdering a man their own informer had drugged).  WE as a family supported 
the efforts of the BPP and the memories of the fine young brothers and 
sisters who attempt to do something monumental in the face of our people's 
history in the US. we salute them! Venceremos, Martyp

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