[Ppnews] Protest Monday to Free all Palestinian Political Prisoners

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Sun Apr 17 13:14:16 EDT 2005

noon - 1:00 p.m.
Bay Area Red Cross Office, 85 Second Street, San Francisco


... 8000 Palestinians are currently being held as political prisoners by 
Israel, including around 370 Palestinian children and 100 Palestinian 
women. These prisoners face forms of torture and mistreatment during their 
arrest and detention, and are consistently denied family and lawyer visits.
... April 17th is the International Day in Solidarity with Palestinian 
Political Prisoners.
... The International Committee of the Red Cross is responsible for 
maintaining contact with prisoners, delivering clothes and other essential 
items and monitoring the conditions of detention and ensuring compliance 
with international laws regarding rights of prisoners. The International 
Committee of the Red Cross in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is not carrying 
out frequent visits to central Israeli prisons and has failed to deliver 
urgently needed supplies.
... Eighteen-month-old Nour Ghanem and his mother, Manal Naji Mahmoud 
Ghanem, are currently imprisoned in Telmond Prison and are denied needed 
medical care and adequate nutrition. Nour's relatives are not allowed to 
bring toys for him to play with.

This action called by the Justice In Palestine Coalition in solidarity with 
100s of actions to be held around the world that day

For info Kate 510-381-1287 katrap at mindspring.com

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