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Sun Apr 3 15:16:03 EDT 2005

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The following is a brief summary of the facts surrounding the harassment of 
Political Prisoner Bashir Hameed by the administration of Sullivan 
Correctional Facility. We quote below from a letter received from Bashir.

"In early January, after suffering chest pains, I asked for reassignment 
from the yard crew where I had to shovel snow, etc. On January 17, I was 
reassigned to the gymnasium solely. Since then I have been constantly 
harassed and badgered by the guards for not reporting to the yard.. . . The 
recreation supervisor, Dean Smith, informed these guards that I was 
reassigned to the gymnasium and that I was not a yard porter.

"On the third of February, I sent the superintendent a memo informing him 
of the problem with the security staff. My supervisor, Dean Smith, also 
sent him a memo addressing this issue. I never received any communication 
from the superintendent.

"Dean Smith, the recreation supervisor, was recently transferred to another 
prison and shortly thereafter I was put on keeplock status, confined to 
cell for 23 hours, for allegedly disobeying a direct order to report to the 
yard, and I was also served with a misbehavior report.
"I have since early January had to go Albany Medical Center on 2 occasions 
for stress tests. Due to my medical condition, I have been advised by the 
facility doctor not to lift over 10 lbs. yet I am constantly badgered and 
harassed about my job assignment, in particular why I have not been coming 
out to the yard to shovel snow.
"The superintendent has been totally inept and unwilling to stop this 
harassment. Moreover, when I was recommended by a counselor here to be 
assigned as a program assistant (e.g., counseling other prisoners about the 
correct method for seeking employment, etc., upon their release), the 
superintendent personally vetoed my being assigned to that job at my 
misbehavior infraction hearing, which currently is going on."

Bashir is a long-time political prisoner, with almost 25years behind the 
wall. He fought for our rights, now we must fight for his rights. Because 
of his refusal to bow down to the autocratic behavior of this racist prison 
system, the guards and the administration are constantly trying to break him.

First send letters of encouragement and support to Bashir.
           Bashir Hameed    82A6313
           Sullivan Correctional Facility
           PO Box 116                   Fallsburg, New York 12722-0116

Next write letters to the Superintendent, protesting this harassment and 
demanding the return of Bashir to his job in the gym and removed from yard 
           Sullivan Correctional Facility
           PO Box AG                Fallsburg, New York 12722-0116

  tel. (914) 434-1080
  fax: #80-690-2099

Your urgent and immediate attention and response to this matter is requested.
                                         Free the Land
                                         Herman Ferguson, The Jericho Movement

*Iyaluua Nehanda*

The Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-9977
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