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Sun Mar 13 12:30:29 EDT 2022

France officially dissolves two Pro-Palestine groups
March 13, 2022
Protesters shout slogans during a rally in Paris, France, June 3, 2010, as
they demonstrate against Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship. (Credit:
Jacques Brinon/ AP /File)

Paris (QNN)- France’s interior minister on Wednesday announced the
dissolution of two pro-Palestinian advocacy organizations, accusing them of
inciting violence and hatred.

Gérald Darmanin confirmed the dissolution of Palestine Vaincra (Palestine
Will Win) and Comité Palestine Action (Palestine Action Committee.

He said this came in “accordance with the instructions of the President of
the Republic.”

Darmanin also claimed on Twitter, “As detailed in the executive order I
presented, it called for hatred, violence and discrimination.”

On Feb. 25 <https://qudsnen.co/34707-2/>, Darmanin tweeted that “at the
request” of President Emmanuel Macron, he would move to dissolve both of
the two pro-Palestine groups

The interior minister included a link to a news report from Europe 1 with
more details about his action.

“Under cover of supporting the Palestinian cause, the government accuses
the groups of promoting hatred of Israel,” Europe 1 stated.

Citing Darmanin, Europe 1 said that he banned Palestine Vaincra for
“calling for hatred, discrimination and violence.”

France also accuses it of ties with the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine (PFLP).

PFLO is a political party and resistance organisation that ‘Israel’ and
France view as “terrorist.”

Darmanin also accuses Palestine Vaincra of claiming that Muslim people
around the world are oppressed by “imperialism and world Zionism.”

Moreover, Darmanin accuses it with “spreading the idea of there being
Islamophobia at a global level.”

Palestine Vaincra says that it “supports the Palestinian people’s struggle
against Zionism, imperialism and Arab reactionary regimes.”

This is “for the liberation of all of Palestine, from the Mediterranean Sea
to the Jordan River.”

France banned Comité Action Palestine for “relaying communiques from Hamas
and Islamic Jihad in Palestine and of Hizballah [in Lebanon] and for
reporting on their actions.”

Comité Action Palestine describes itself as a group that “works for the
realization of the national rights of the Palestinian people.”

Europe 1 noted that last year, the Macron administration banned two
organization, CCIF, a group that combats discrimination against Muslims,
and BarakaCity, a Muslim charity, accusing them of “separatism.”

This move is the first time the French government dissolved organizations
specifically focused on Palestine.

During Israel’s May aggression in Gaza, France banned a pro-Palestine rally
and arrested Bertrand Heilbronn, the head of the activist group Association
France-Palestine Solidarité.

A la sortie d’un rendez-vous au Ministère des affaires étrangères, Bertrand
Heilbronn, président de ⁦@AFPSOfficiel
<https://twitter.com/AFPSOfficiel?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw>⁩ a été arrêté par la
police pour avoir organisé le rassemblement pacifiste qui accompagnait la
délégation reçue (avec 3 parlementaires dont je fais partie)
pic.twitter.com/PmUb2cIjWr <https://t.co/PmUb2cIjWr>

— Elsa Faucillon (@ElsaFaucillon) May 12, 2021

The decision to ban the two Palestine solidarity groups was announced on
the day President Macron was due to address the annual gala of CRIF.

CRIF is France’s main Israel lobby and Jewish communal group.

But with the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, Macron decided to send his Prime
Minister instead.

At the gala dinner of CRIF, Jean Castex said Macron rejected the finding by
several major human rights groups that ‘Israel’ perpetrates the crime of
apartheid against the Palestinian people

“It is not acceptable in the name of a just struggle for liberty that
organizations misuse historically charged, shameful terms to describe the
State of Israel,” Castex said.

The Prime Minister was reading a speech that Macron had planned to deliver
in person.

“How dare anyone speak of apartheid in a state where Arab citizens are
represented in the government, parliament and occupy positions of
responsibility and leadership?” Macron’s speech states.

This month, Amnesty International
joined Human Rights Watch and Israel’s B’Tselem in concluding that ‘Israel’
perpetrates apartheid against the Palestinian people as a whole.

Amnesty said in the new report that Israel’ is carrying out “the crime of
apartheid against Palestinians” and must be held accountable for treating
them as “an inferior racial group”.
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