[News] China urges US to provide data on its biological laboratories in Ukraine

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provide data on its biological laboratories in Ukraine

08 March 2022
Translated by Walter Lippmann for CubaNews.

Chinese Minister Zhao Lijian. Photo: AFP.

*China urges the US to reveal details about biological laboratories on
Ukrainian territory that are financed by Washington*, Chinese Foreign
Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday.

Beijing wants, among other data, *information about the types of viruses
that are stored there and the research that is carried out in those
facilities to be made public.*

Xinhua collects the statements of Zhao Lijian, who stated that, according
to reports, the US has *26 biological laboratories in Ukraine
which "dangerous viruses" are stored* . The Chinese Ministry of Foreign
Affairs urged to guarantee the security of those laboratories.

*Components of biological weapons have been being developed in Ukrainian
laboratories located near Russian territory, Russian* Defense Ministry
spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Sunday.

Konashenkov noted that *during the special military operation in Ukraine
became known that the Kyiv regime hastily destroyed evidence of a
biological weapons program* financed by the US Department of Defense.

"We have received documentation from employees of Ukrainian biolaboratories
about the emergency destruction, on February 24, of particularly dangerous
pathogens of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera, and other deadly
diseases," said the senior official.

*(With information from RT in Spanish
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