[News] 68th Anniversary of Boricuas Action Against Congress - Demos Today in DC and San Juan

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Tue Mar 1 11:50:02 EST 2022

Today in Washington, D.C. and in San Juan, P.R.
March 1, 2022|Events, Events - PR

*Statement Issued by El Frente Independentista Boricua:*

We come today to claim here, in the capital of the empire that has
subjugated our homeland since 1898, this date that means resistance and

On a day like today in 1954, a Puerto Rican commando, composed of Andrés
Figueroa Cordero, Irving Flores, Rafael Cancel Miranda, under the direction
of Lolita Lebrón carried out the Nationalist  Party Attack  on the United
States Congress.

They left New York City with a one-way ticket and no return. They had not
gone as Lolita said to kill anyone, but to die for Puerto Rico. That was a
strong message to the U.S. government and the world. Puerto Rico is
fighting for the rescue of its sovereignty and national independence. Our
country counted then, as it also has at this time, with men and women
willing to fight for freedom in any field or scenario and by all the means
and methods at their disposal.

Follow the events as they happen live on Facebook beginning at 3:00PM
Eastern Time (US/Canada)

*Washington, D.C.* *Event*:

   - *Frente Independentista Boricua*
   - *Comites de la Resistencia Boricua*

*San Juan, P.R*. *Event*:

   - *Movimiento 20/9*


Today, when we commemorate that heroic act of great historical significance
for our people, we do so by taking stock of the moment in which our nation,
Puerto Rico, finds itself.

Puerto Rico is in full struggle against a Dictatorial Junta imposed by the
imperial power in Washington, to arrange the payment of an alleged debt
generated by unscrupulous governments, in collusion with the vultures of
Wall Street finance capital.

The junta and the colonial government have imposed millionaire cuts to the
government budget and austerity measures generating the collapse of the
public service, in areas as essential as education, health, transportation,
and housing. The quality of life of our people deteriorates every minute.

Runaway inflation shoots up the price of rents, housing, fuel, clothing,
food. The stagnation in the wages of workers results in a decrease in their
purchasing power and raises the poverty levels of the population. The
elimination of labor rights acquired for decades is a clear setback in the
quality of life.

The strategy of domination favors tax exemption laws for foreign
millionaires who intend to seize our lands and natural resources. They are
forcing a massive process of population replacement and dismantling of
Puerto Rican nationality.

But they met a brave people, bold, on a fighting footing. A combative
youth, brave women, militant workers. We are an awakened people who reject
abuse, injustice, displacement, foreign domination, reject the colony and

A people who know that in order to conquer their future, they have to
contest power from the trenches of struggle in the streets. Know that every
day it sounds louder and clearer in all corners of the country, that claim
of the people that says, Gringo Go Home.

*We send a clear message to the U.S. government:*


The 124 years of colonization do not erase that inalienable right of our
people. We are protected by the laws of the international community, social
morals and ethics, the willingness of our people to fight for what belongs
to them and aspire to better economic and social development, outside the
empire-colony relationship.

At the 68th anniversary of the Nationalist Attack on Congress, we denounce
the reckless and intransigent attitude of the United States, under whose
domination our country deepens its crisis further. We demand immediate
 action from the Congress and the President.  Any process should begin by
assuming responsibility as a colonizing power by the present siege and
acting on the path of recognizing the inalienable right of our people to
their full sovereignty.

Today, as we did yesterday, Puerto Ricans reaffirm that that heroic example
of courage and sacrifice of 1954 is the star that guides the struggle of
our people towards victory.

Long live a Free Puerto Rico!
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