[News] Israeli Occupation Launches Air Raids on Gaza Strip

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Fri Apr 22 18:57:04 EDT 2022

 [image: Smoke plumes in the sky of Gaza after the Israeli occupation
forces launched an air raid on the strip on April 21.2022 (AFP).]
Israeli Occupation Launches Air Raids on Gaza Strip
April 22, 2022

*Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in occupied Palestine reports that Israeli
occupation UAVs launched air raids on a Palestinian resistance site in the
Gaza Strip.*

An explosion was heard in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip, Al
Mayadeen’s correspondent reported Thursday.

“Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles bombed a resistance site West of Nuseirat
Camp, Gaza,” Al Mayadeen’s correspondent reported, adding that Israeli
warplanes launched several air raids on Issa Al-Batran site of Al-Qassam

Unbelievably vicious.
The recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip pic.twitter.com/HuSCUlS0V4

— Mohammed Tolan (@muhammed_tolan) April 20, 2022

Our correspondent also reported that an Israeli tank fired toward the field
observation points east of Bureij camp in the central governorate.

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The resistance’s air defenses launched surface-to-air missiles toward the
attacking Israeli warplanes, and sirens blared in the Israeli settlements
of the Gaza envelope.

A map showing the location of the settlements in which air raid sirens were

Red Alert[21/04/2022]:

Nir Am Shooting Range, Erez, Mefalsim, Sderot, Ibim, Nir Am

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pic.twitter.com/mjizdMafgs <https://t.co/mjizdMafgs>

— Red Alerts – Cumta (@CumtaAlertsEng) April 20, 2022

“The resistance fired a SAM toward the raiding Israeli aircraft,” our
correspondent said.

Israeli media had reported earlier that rockets struck the Israeli
settlement of Sderot
being intercepted, noting that the projectiles were launched from Gaza, as
“Israel’s pride” failed to detect them.

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The resistance is opening heavy fire in the direction of the Israeli
settlements north of the Gaza Strip, our correspondent reported. Meanwhile,
a source in the Palestinian resistance told Al Mayadeen that the resistance
did not launch a new salvo of rockets toward Israeli settlements. However,
the Israeli Iron Dome launched dozens of missiles in a bid to intercept the
heavy anti-aircraft munition fired from Gaza.

Minutes later, initial reports from Israeli media said the IOF had launched
a new wave of air raids on the Gaza strip, which was followed by sirens
sounding in the settlements of the Gaza envelope, namely the settlements of
“Sderot”, “Ibim”, and “Nir Am”.

Israeli media later clarified that the sirens were sounded without the
resistance launching any rockets toward the Israeli settlements.

*Featured image: Smoke plumes in the sky of Gaza after the Israeli
occupation forces launched an air raid on the strip on April 21.2022 (AFP).*
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