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Almagro Dusts Off Coup Script and Targets Nicaragua
Ana Perdigón - November 9, 2021

This Tuesday, November 9, the secretary general of the Organization of
American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, posted a message on his Twitter
account revealing his intention of promoting a new coup d’état in the
region—this time in Nicaragua—following the incontestable results that
confirmed the victory of Daniel Ortega in the Central American country’s
elections this week.

Almagro, once again following Washington’s directives, made his
interventionist aims clear by calling for the rejection of the results of
the general elections in Nicaragua which gave President Daniel Ortega the
presidency with almost 76% of the votes. The election was marked by a
strong turnout of over 65%—barely affected by the election boycott promoted
by the United States regime and its local puppets.

“We reject the results of the illegitimate elections in #Nicaragua,”
Almagro wrote on Twitter. “I urge the countries of @OEA_oficial to respond
to this clear violation of the Democratic Charter during their #OEA

Rechazamos los resultados de las elecciones ilegítimas en #Nicaragua

Insto a países de @OEA_oficial
<https://twitter.com/OEA_oficial?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw> a responder a esta
clara violación de la Carta Democrática durante su #AsambleaOEA

Informe de la Secretaría xa Fortalecimiento de la Democracia:

— Luis Almagro (@Almagro_OEA2015) November 9, 2021

Accompanying the tweet, Almagro published a report by the OAS Secretariat
for Strengthening Democracy, which describes what, in its opinion, is an
“erosion and breakdown of democracy in Nicaragua”

Likewise, in the text it calls on the international community to demand the
annulment of the elections of November 7 and the holding of new elections,
trampling on the most basic international rules regarding respect for the
sovereignty of nations.

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for War – Washington Interventionism Activated

In the second official tabulation of the elections, with 97.74% of the
13,459 Ballot Receiving Boards (JRV) scrutinized, the president obtained
75.9% of the votes. Elector enthusiasm at the polls was particularly
notable when one takes into account the electoral boycott promoted by
elements of Nicaragua’s extreme right and pro-US political elements, and by
international and local mainstream media outlets. The turnout was barely
affected by this boycott campaign. In 2006 turnout was 61.2%, in 2011 it
jumped to 73.9%, and it was reported at 68.2% in 2016. This year’s voter
turnout was 65.2%.

*Almagro’s coup plans in the region*
Prior to the general elections in Nicaragua, the Minister of Foreign
Relations of the Central American country, Denis Moncada, rejected the
OAS’s participation as an observer during the elections. The Nicaraguan
authorities alleged that the OAS, headquartered in Washington, DC, does not
in fact function as a serious institution, but responds only to the
political interests of the United States. The credibility of the regional
body was severely affected by the OAS’s role in the 2019 coup d’état
against Evo Morales in Bolivia.

“We cannot invite someone who has participated in the promotion and
execution of a coup against a democratic country such as Bolivia,” Moncada
stated at the time.

Let us recall that the OAS led the coup d’état perpetrated in Bolivia in
2019 against the then president Evo Morales. The OAS presented a report on
the elections which was subsequently revealed to have zero credibility.
After an investigation, Almagro even acknowledged his guilt in the
massacres perpetrated by Jeanine Anez’s coup regime.

*Featured image: OAS’s Luis Almagro. File photo.*

by Ana Perdigón, with Orinoco Tribune content

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


Ana Perdigón
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