[News] Israel fakes another video of "Hamas rockets" next to Gaza homes

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Mon May 17 15:57:10 EDT 2021

fakes another video of "Hamas rockets" next to Gaza homes

Ali Abunimah <https://electronicintifada.net/people/ali-abunimah> - 17 May
[image: Screenshot of tweet]

The Israeli military tweeted a video containing footage it falsely claimed
showed Hamas rockets near civilian homes in Gaza. The tweet was later

Israel always claims to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties
when it is bombing Gaza, as it has been doing with savage intensity for
more than a week.

Yet day after day, Israel has slaughtered men, women and children in their
homes, regularly wiping out whole families

The 200 people killed in Gaza
<https://twitter.com/press221/status/1394251414713602048> since the Israeli
attack began more than a week ago include 59 children and 35 women.

So the dilemma for Israel is how to square this horrific reality with its
propaganda about protecting civilians.

The solution is to lie and blame the victims.

Israel’s habitual claim is that Hamas and other Palestinian resistance
organizations use Palestinian civilians as “human shields,” by routinely
firing rockets from residential areas, or even the rooftops of homes.

Israel got caught lying again after it posted a video on Twitter on
Saturday titled “Hamas’ Use of Human Shields, Explained.”

The tweet also says: “Israel fights to protect its civilians. Hamas uses
civilians to protect itself.”
Old video, fake rockets

But as Raphael Satter, a Reuters journalist observed, the video included
“footage of a 2018 Israeli training exercise presented as if it had been
shot recently in Gaza.”
The footage appears to show a truck carrying missiles near homes through a
narrow residential street.

But as Aric Toler, a researcher with Western-government funded think tank
<https://www.bellingcat.com/about/> Bellingcat observed, the truck with the
missiles appears to have been a decoy being used as part of an Israeli
training exercise.

And it was not filmed in Gaza.

The image is taken from a video filmed more than two years ago in the
village of Abu Snan
<https://twitter.com/TaylorPBrooks/status/1392540668346703877> in the
Galilee – about as far as you can get from Gaza within Israel.
Cropped footage of the trucks from the 2018 video was used in the
now-deleted Israeli army video posted on Saturday.

The Electronic Intifada was able to view the video in an archived copy in
the WayBack Machine

The 2018 video was posted on an Israeli Facebook page
<https://www.facebook.com/MivzakLive/posts/2020853144641924> on 25 November

A caption in Hebrew says, “Trucks with ‘missiles’ took a wrong turn and
entered the village of Abu Snan in the north.”

A voice on the video, that of the Arabic-speaking child who apparently
filmed it, calls out, “Look guys, the rockets are here.” He sounds excited
by the unusual scene.

The visibility of yellow Israeli license plates
on parked cars is another clear giveaway that the video was not shot in

Israel’s *Mako* news website reported
on 24 November 2018 how Israeli motorists had been surprised to see a truck
apparently carrying missiles on a highway near the central Israeli town of
Kiryat Gat, heading towards the north.

The report includes a video apparently filmed by an Israeli motorist
showing the same sort of decoy truck visible in the Facebook video.

With its lie busted, the Israeli army deleted
<https://twitter.com/razhael/status/1393916332308148226> its tweet, though
an archived copy
remains online.

Although the video may not play in the archived version for some readers,
it had apparently garnered 146,000 views before the Israeli army deleted
Lies and fabrications

This latest fabrication is not Israel’s first during its current attack on

Last week, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a video on Twitter
claiming to show Hamas firing rockets from next to an apartment building in

But Gendelman deleted the tweet after Twitter labeled it “manipulated
media.” It had in fact been a video filmed in Syria and first posted on
YouTube in 2018.

Also last week on CGTN television, I debunked the lie
told by a member of Israel’s far-right Yamina party that Hamas was firing
rockets from the roofs of residential buildings:
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