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African Union is self-destructing by letting Israel have observer status
Dr Mustafa Mheta-July 23, 2021

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced yesterday that it has regained its
observer status at the African Union. Until 2002, the colonial state was an
observer member of the Organisation of African Unity, until the latter was
dissolved and replaced by the African Union.

Who has decided to readmit Israel to the AU as an observer state? We know
those responsible very well, because ever since they came to power in the
continental body they have made some very unpopular decisions of no benefit
to Africa and its people. Instead, they have sold us all to the highest

One day they will be exposed as traitors because Africa and its states have
been born out of the struggles against slavery and colonialism; we don't
need to associate ourselves with colonial states such as the Zionist
entity. In days gone by our kings and chiefs sold us for a teaspoon of
sugar and a shiny mirror. Today our leaders are selling us again to the
descendants of the same imperialists wearing democratic cloaks to hide
their colonialist intentions.

Is there any difference between these modern African leaders and those who
sold us into colonial slavery? Quite simply, none at all. They are the
people who allow imperialists and Zionists to have access to our
continent's natural resources in exchange for spyware technology and
weapons to enable their continuing grip on power.

When former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi spearheaded the formation of the
African Union in 2002, he made sure that Zionist Israel was sidelined.
Little did he know that his African brothers would go on to betray him and
his anti-colonialist legacy.

Israel is a racist, apartheid state
so why should it have observer status at the AU? Before any such
readmission was even considered, the union should have demanded that the
Zionist state complies with the many UN resolutions hanging over it. It was
a perfect opportunity to put pressure on Israel to withdraw from all Arab
land that it occupies — Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian alike — and
facilitate the independence of the State of Palestine.

[image: A view from opening session of the 33rd African Union Heads of
State Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 9 February 2020 [Mınasse Wondımu
Haılu/Anadolu Agency]]

A view from opening session of the 33rd African Union Heads of State Summit
in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 9 February 2020 [Mınasse Wondımu Haılu/Anadolu

The AU needs to wake up to what Israel is capable of doing. Just this week,
Britain's *Guardian* newspaper has reported that an Israeli company has
developed and sold Pegasus spyware
to a number of governments, including some in Africa, and that at least
fourteen world leaders (among many activists, journalists and human rights
campaigners), including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, have
been targeted
by the technology

This is just one example of what befriending Israel means. One of the
African leaders said to be implicated in such use of the Pegasus technology
is Paul Kagame of Rwanda. He is a well-known friend of Israel and his
relations with many of his neighbours in Africa are strained. Such
relations are going to be tested even further after the Pegasus leak.

Kagame is known for pursuing his political opponents wherever they might
be, and assassinating them. His relationship with the South African
government is tense for that very reason. He also has problems with
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, who accuses him of espionage using the
very same Pegasus spyware. The government of Burundi is also complaining
about Kagame for doing the same thing.

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Rwanda recently deployed its troops to northern Mozambique and a fierce war
of words has since erupted within the ruling FRELIMO party in Maputo. Given
the Pegasus situation, how can the Southern African Development Community,
of which Mozambique is part, trust the Rwandan military working alongside
its forces? This arrangement could go very wrong. It is impossible to fight
alongside those who are spying on you.

It's a fact that wherever Israel goes and is welcomed, problems of this
nature tend to arise. Countries are destabilised and turn on each other.
It's the old colonial tactic of divide and rule, playing one side off
against another while pretending to be friends of both.

The Israel observer status move is the second serious blunder made by the
AU recently. The first was to allow Morocco to return to the fold before
withdrawing its forces from occupied Western Sahara.

With the Zionist entity involved in the AU, we can expect the continent to
be destabilised even further. Africa simply cannot afford or allow that to
happen. The AU must, as a matter of urgency, rescind the decision about
Israel's status unless and until it complies with all UN resolutions
concerning its withdrawal from all occupied territories and facilitate
Palestinian independence. If the colonial-occupation state refuses to do
so, then formal relations between Tel Aviv and the African Union should be
off the agenda.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not
necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Monitor.
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