[News] Prayer Walk Demands Justice for Native Man Assaulted by U.S. Feds

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Walk Demands Justice for Native Man Assaulted by U.S. FedsJanuary 2, 2021

Native groups have taken to Petroglyphs National Monument in Tiwa
Territory, commonly known as Albuquerque, New Mexico, to demand justice for
Darrell House, a native man who was brutally tasered by rangers of the U.S.
National Park Service (NPS), while he offered prayers on a hike with his
sister and dog one week ago.

A prayer walk from Ogahpogeh (Santa Fe) arrived to the site on Saturday
afternoon, as reported by The Red Nation's Nick Estes, who tweeted,
"#JusticeforDarrell walk ended at Petroglyphs National Park. Askia Trujillo
from Ohkay Owingeh led the prayer walk. Walkers are demanding the firing of
the two rangers who brutalized Darrell and an apology and restitution, as
well as #LandBack."

The Red Nation, a coalition of Native of non-Native activists, educators,
students, and community organizers advocating for Native liberation, has
called for “a full investigation of NPS actions of racial terror that day,
the termination of rangers Wineland and Graden (who carried out the
assault), and restitution and a full apology to Darrell and his sister” for
the violation which took place on Saturday, December 26.

Darrell, of Diné and Oneida native heritage and Marine veteran was with his
sister and dog, Geronimo, had hiked Petroglyph National Park and stepped
off the trail in compliance with physical distancing guidelines as a large
group approached. They were then followed by park ranger Wineland,
reportedly for being off-trail. The ranger called for backup, returned with
them to the trail, and repeatedly tasered Darrell and Geronimo. The
repression by the white settler officers was filmed by his sister.

Darrell was handcuffed and detained for several hours and cited for several
infractions including resisting and interfering with NPS functions. While
he was released, the hate crime serves as a reminder of the ongoing
colonial violence perpetrated against Indigenous peoples by the state.

A statement published by The Red Nation on its website, describes the
significance of the site.

“The Petroglyphs National Monument, which is home to ancient Indigenous
rock art that still retains spiritual and cultural significance to
Indigenous people today, was initially created at the request of Native
activists to protect the area from vandalism and developers. Instead, the
NPS under the authority of the Department of Interior is policing Native
people on Native land.”

“Public lands are stolen lands. Indigenous people have the right to
practice their culture and spiritual ways on Indigenous land without fear
of repression, discrimination, or violence“ read the statement.
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