[News] Pro-Palestine activists occupy roof of UK-based Israeli arms factory, splatter it in blood-red paint

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Tue Feb 23 10:46:19 EST 2021

 Pro-Palestine activists occupy roof of UK-based Israeli arms factory,
splatter it in blood-red paint
https://qudsnen.co/?p=21966   February 23, 2021

England (QNN)- Several activists from Palestine Action have occupied the
roof of an Israeli-owned arms factory based in the UK, and blocked the
entrances from the ground, forcing the site to halt its production of
deadly weapons.

On Tuesday morning, the activists climbed on to the roof of Elbit’s UAV
Engines factory in Staffordshire, smashed the windows and prevented the
site from opening.

They have chained the factory gates shut to block off all access and
splattered the building in blood-red paint.

The activists have also displayed banners reading ‘Shut Elbit Down’ and
‘Elbit Arms: Israel Kills’.

Police have arrived at the scene but as of yet, no arrests have been made.
Activists continue to keep the factory closed, preventing the workforce
from accessing the building.

The action comes after a three-day rooftop occupation last September that
cost the company an estimated £145,000 in damages.

There have been other similar ‘shutdowns’ by Palestine Action in November
2020 and January 2021.

Today’s factory closure is the group’s second large-scale action this
month, as on 1st February, Palestine Action joined forces with Extinction
Rebellion North to occupy Elbit-Ferranti in Oldham for 16 hours, in what
was described as the “first of many” collaborations.

A member of Palestine Action said about today’s occupation, “We’re back,
and this is once again, a clear and unwavering message to the immoral
profiteers of war and the perpetrators of crimes against humanity that
we’re not going away until Elbit’s lethal chain of weapons factories are
hounded out of the UK. Petitioning and protests don’t work, so it’s our
moral obligation to take matters into our own hands and use direct action
to shut these death factories down for good.”

Over the last 16 years, Elbit has established a large presence in the UK,
opening 10 production sites across England and Wales, including four

Elbit provides the Israeli occupation with around 85% of its killer drones.
These drones murdered 164 Palestinian children in Gaza in 2014 and Israeli
occupation uses them in daily surveillance and regular attacks.

The company’s profits skyrocketed after its equipment was used in the
brutal 2014 assault on Gaza, helping ‘Israel’ to seal contracts with
militaries all over the world.

In 2018, Elbit purchased IMI Systems, known for producing cluster
munitions, the IOF’s sole supplier of small calibre ammunition.

So not only are the drones in the skies made by Elbit, the bullets being
shot by Israeli occupation snipers are also made by Elbit.

Israeli F-16 fighter jets and Apache and Cobra attack helicopters are all
made with Elbit equipment.

They have repeatedly been used to attack civilian areas, homes and refugee
camps, resulting in thousands of casualties in Gaza, the West Bank, and

Also, Elbit’s Hermes 450 is one of the most used drones in the world. The
company markets the drone as “combat proven”, having battle-tested it on
Palestinian people.

Elbit’s biggest single customer is the “Israeli Ministry of Defence,” the
war criminals.

Since 2018, the UK government has bought £45m worth of military equipment
from the company despite its role in aiding and escalating Israel’s war
crimes in order to maintain its illegal occupation of Palestine and sustain
its brutal system of apartheid.

In January, Britain’s Ministry of Defence gifted the company with a £102
million contract to develop new surveillance technology to enable
“frontline” soldiers to detect and accurately fire on alleged “enemy”
targets in a matter of seconds.

Palestine Action, which launched in August 2020, is working to shut Elbit’s
UK-based war industry down and has collectively hit the firm’s sites around
50 times in just 6 months, also targeting its London landlord, LaSalle
Investment Management.

Actions have caused Elbit’s factories to close on five separate occasions,
while a series of occupations and well-attended public protests at its
London HQ has disrupted the company’s business-as-usual complacency and
raised considerable public awareness.
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