[News] Important Portland Anti-Racist History Podcast - the Roots of today's resistance

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Fri Nov 13 15:58:53 EST 2020

This is worth the time it takes to check out!

We collaborated with Erin and the crew at Circle A Radio on KBOO many 
years ago and have kept in touch. This is solid work and an important 
testament to anti-racist organizing in PDX that goes back many years. It 
is the model on which the current resistance in Portland is built!


Hello friends, colleagues, and collaborators:

Today is the anniversary of the murder of Mulugeta Seraw by 3 neonazi 
skinheads, and today the first episode of our podcast IT DID HAPPEN HERE 
is released!!!!!!! I've been talking about this forever and working on 
it with a great team solidly  for about 18 months.

"It Did Happen Here" is a people’s history of an unlikely collaboration 
between groups of immigrants, civil rights activists, militant youth and 
gay organizersin the late 80s and early 90s in in Portland, Oregon  who 
used a diversity of tactics to confront neo nazis and chase them off the 
streets of the Rose City

These are memories in the words and voices of citizens who endured and 
then responded to violence; It Did Happen Here, to these people.

The website is itdidhappenherepodcast.com 
<http://itdidhappenherepodcast.com> and it should also be on itunes 
tomorrow. Eventually we'll try to get it on stitcher too, and other 

Setting the Scene – Portland OR

In the late 1980s, Portland was a known haven for racist skinheads.They 
roamed  the core of Portland unhindered. This episode is about Portland 
back then, in the before, when Portland was a skinhead stomping ground.

We hope to release a new episode every Friday, there will be 11 in all, 
we think, plus a few bonus episodes.

Once they are all released, I'll do an edit without swears, and then it 
will be on community radio stations in some form.

Take care -Erin Yanke


Hosts and Producers - Mic Crenshaw and Celina Flores

Executive Producer - Erin Yanke

Interviews - Annette Newelle, Barbara Bernstein, Celina Flores, Claire 
Rischiotto, Ender Black, Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw and Yugen Rashad

Editing - Erin Yanke and Icky A

Script - Moe Bowstern, Icky A, Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw and Celina Flores

Director of Operations - Celina Flores

Fact-Checking and Research - Moe Bowstern, Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw, 
Celina Flores

Visual Asset Coordinator - Julie Perini

Visual Asset Contributors - Coyote Amrich, Jon Bair, Marti Clemmons, 
Pete Normal

Music Curators- Mic Crenshaw, Erin Yanke, Icky A

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