[News] China Confident in its Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine (Brazilian Trick + Pfizer)

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  China Confident in its Sinovac COVID-19 Vaccine (Brazilian Trick + Pfizer)

November 11, 2020

*The pharmaceutical company denied that what happened to a volunteer in 
Brazil was related to its vaccine.*

The Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac expressed its confidence in 
the experimental vaccine it’s developing against COVID-19, after the 
National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil (ANVISA) temporarily 
suspended the trials being carried out in the South American country.

The suspension of the trial in more than 9,000 volunteers in Brazil was 
announced this Monday by ANVISA. According to the Brazilian Agency, it 
“decided to interrupt the clinical trial of the CoronaVac vaccine after 
a serious incident” on October 29.

In response, Sinovac stated: “We are confident in the safety of the 
vaccine” and stated that the incident in question was not related to the 

For his part, this Tuesday the director of the Butantan Institute, a 
public laboratory in the state of São Paulo, Dimas Tadeu Covas, told the 
press that the suspension was due to “a death unrelated to the trial, 
it’s as if the patient died in a car accident,” and they want to stop 
the trials because of that.

At the time that news of the suspension was communication, ANVISA did 
not provide other details. It also didn’t specify why the news of the 
incident was communicated eleven days after the event. The Brazilian 
influencer Nathalia Urban posted on her Twitter account a thread about 
how happy Jair Bolsonaro was when the news was announced. and also 
claiming that the patient’s cause of death was suicide, and not related 
to the clinical trials

The decision made by the Brazilian regulator for health surveillance 
“coincidentally” came on the same day that US pharmaceutical company 
Pfizer, which is also testing its candidate in Brazil, announced that 
its coronavirus vaccine is 90% effective. celebrated by international 
mainstream media as a big success. *Meanwhile the Chinese and Russian 
vaccine candidates have proven more effective, and haven’t the technical 
difficulties of the announced Pfizer vaccine that, according to Reuters, 
needs to be maintained in a temperature of minus 17 degrees ºC to be 

In a televised address Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro also raised 
concerns about the timing of both events, and the international media 
campaign with logos of Pfizer in all news coverage, while announcing 
that Venezuela is planning a massive vaccination campaign for April 2021.

Four vaccines are being tested in Brazil, those developed by Sinovac, 
Pfizer, the University of Oxford in collaboraton with AstraZeneca, and 
that of Janssen, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

According to the data offered by the National Council of Health 
Secretaries (CONASS), the number of people infected with COVID-19 in 
Brazil amounts to 5,675,032. Likewise, the total accumulated deaths from 
the pandemic stands at 162,628.

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