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  Chile Denounces Government Repression During Feminist Strike

March 10, 2020

The feminist general strike called in Chile on Monday as part of the 
celebrations of International Women's Day was repressed by the police of 
President Sebastian Piñera's government, according to the National 
Institute of Human Rights (INDH).

"Even though this was a peaceful day, which called to defend gender 
equality, the carabineros (Chilean police) attacked the demonstrators," 
the  INDH president Sergio Micco told the local press.

"Human Rights observers and the Foreign Press Association said that the 
'Carabineros' during the strike maintained an arrogant attitude, and 
threw pepper gas directly into the eyes of the demonstrators." Micco 

Still, nothing stopped the march. At least two million women attended 
the strike in Santiago de Chile to "carry on the struggle, to connect, 
to recognize each other. And it was a beautiful day," the Feminist 
Coordinator 8M announced in a statement.

*"We're historical. There were over 2 million of us. The revolution will 
either be feminist or it won't be."*

The group "I Approve Chile Digno" also attended the mobilization, and 
despite the repression, called on the people to vote "Yes" in the 
constitutional plebiscite to be held on April 26.

Monday's strike was part of the protests that have been shaking the 
country since October 2019. Its purpose, besides exalting the women of 
the country and the world, was to demand the end of the government of 
Sebastián Piñera.

Also, the strike was intended to demand that Chilean working women be 
included in the constitutional process, Pueblo Libre spokeswoman 
Victoria Herrera told the local press.

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