[News] Siege Continues: US Threatens to Sanction 40 Tankers for Working with Venezuela

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Sat Jun 6 12:01:44 EDT 2020

Continues: US Threatens to Sanction 40 Tankers for Working with VenezuelaJune
6, 2020

The United States regime threatened to impose new sanctions against at
least 40 foreign tankers for working with Venezuela.

The information was released this Friday by ” four shipping sources ”
according to the British news agency Reuters.

“The sources” reported that possible sanctions on several vessels could be
imposed immediately,” although a decision has not yet been made.”

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According to the dispatch, 25 oil super tankers that have the capacity to
transport a maximum of 2 million barrels of crude oil would be included in
the sanctions.

The unilateral measure would also be against 17 “minor ships”.

Reuters detailed that “there were no immediate comments from the US
Treasury Department”; and “The White House and the State Department did not
immediately respond to questions on the subject.”

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“Many analysts know that Reuters and many other “news agencies” are just
mere mouthpieces for the US in order to send messages and threats to
countries taking a dignified stand and not submitting themselves to US
imperialism,” a political expert said to Orinoco tribune.

The US regime has been tightening the total blockade against Venezuela,
especially against its oil industry by imposing unilateral coercive
measures and boycotting its transactions in the international market.

This week, the US Treasury reported that it imposed sanctions on four
shipping companies for transporting Venezuelan oil. All of this is part of
an escalation in Washington to try to force Nicolás Maduro out of the
presidency of the Republic, through the siege, suffocation and sabotage of
the already battered quality of life of millions of Venezuelans.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF
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