[News] Venezuela Has All the Covid-19 Treatments – Including the New Cuban Ones (Jusbinsa and Nasalferon)

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  Venezuela Has All the Covid-19 Treatments – Including the New Cuban
  Ones (Jusbinsa and Nasalferon)

July 6, 2020

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has all the treatments that the 
people need, to face the Coronavirus (COVID-19), among these drugs is a 
peptide called Jusbinsa that fights inflammation, (which is a 
manifestation in people that become infected with the disease), and the 
drug Nasalferon, both from the Republic of Cuba, said the Venezuelan 
head of state, Nicolás Maduro, in a working meeting with the 
Presidential Commission for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19

Jusbinsa is a medicine for the most serious and critical cases, it has 
shown an effectiveness of 60% saving lives in the most critical cases, 
and of more than 92% of lives saved in the severe cases.

This response capacity of the country to combat this new virus is a 
reality “despite the fact that the United States government persecuted 
ships, companies, planes, so that treatments and medicines did not reach 
Venezuela, we managed to buy and bring to Venezuela all medicines that 
our people need for their treatment, and we are administering them.”

 From the meeting held at the Miraflores Palace, the Venezuelan 
President emphasized that “sanctions and persecution with the complicity 
of the fugitive from justice, Guaido, are not valid, we defeated them on 
the subject of health and other issues.”

President Maduro said that the path taken to respond to the people has 
been possible thanks to cooperation with the republic of Cuba, from 
where two new medicines made in Cuba have arrived. “Treatments are 
coming, a preventive treatment and a curative treatment. Cuba is 
increasing productive capacity and these treatments are put at the 
service of the Venezuelan people. ”

In this regard, Julio García, head of the Cuban Medical Mission in 
Venezuela, added that in this way solidarity and brotherhood between 
Venezuela and Cuba are key, in the midst of a battle, a context “in 
which the peoples of Bolívar and Martí unite more every day.”

He pointed out that today Cuban science is available to humanity and is 
a “work that continues to advance, and is providing various important 
treatments that have been tested on critically ill patients in Cuba,” 
one of them is “a peptide that acts on cells and is called Jusbinsa and 
causes important possibilities of recovery in the human system,” since 
this medicine reduces inflammation of the lungs, bronchi or other 
organs, areas commonly affected in people who get COVID-19.

There is also the medicine “called Nasalferon — a derivative of 
Interferon — that is administered via the nose in drops, and this 
prevents the entry of the virus through the nasal passages,” explained 

The Venezuelan head of state said that Cuba and Venezuela, the 
Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), are making 
progress in the health of peoples, “putting the human being at the center.”

In this sense, he announced that this Monday, July 6, the new survey of 
the Homeland System will be launched, related to the diagnosis of the 
Coronavirus, “to inquire about COVID-19 issues in the Venezuelan 
family,” noting that the surveys that have used on the digital platform 
have been “highly useful”.

The goal “is to see the new stage, to what extent the “trocheros” (those 
entering the country using illegal trails) have infected the country, in 
order to detect any new outbreak that we might have not yet seen in the 
tests” and thus go to an “encircling methodology”.

“Let no one let their guard down!” emphasized the national president.

The president explained that this Sunday a new treatment protocol was 
also approved to advance early treatment, “the early treatment of all, 
for us to keep the people who have the Coronavirus in the best physical 
condition and that in Venezuela they are practically 100 percent 
hospitalized, receiving medical care.”

“This is not the case in the rest of the countries, fortunately we have 
the capacity of beds in public hospitals, private clinics, in 
Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI). Fortunately we have the 
installed capacity in the National Public Health System of Venezuela, to 
keep all cases hospitalized, 100 percent.”

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