[News] Palestinian Civil Society Reiterates Call for Immediate Targeted Sanctions to Stop Israel’s Annexation and Apartheid

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  *Palestinian Civil Society Reiterates Call for Immediate Targeted
  Sanctions to Stop Israel’s Annexation and Apartheid*

Israel’s extremist government decided today to keep everyone in the dark 
about if and how it will make use of the “golden opportunity” offered by 
the Trump administration to embark on de jure annexation of large 
swathes of the occupied Palestinian West Bank. No one should be misled, 
however. Israel will continue to quietly de facto annex occupied 
Palestinian territory, as it has done for decades, while trying to 
appease its Western allies. But as the UN High Commissioner for Human 
Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said 
“Annexation is illegal. Period. Any annexation.”

Hundreds of international law scholars agree 
They write that Israeli annexations of occupied territory are “null and 
void, entail consequences of international wrongfulness, and – under 
certain circumstances –  lead to individual international criminal 
liability,” regardless whether such annexations are effected “through 
‘extension of sovereignty,’ ‘extension of law, jurisdiction, and 
administration,’ or explicit annexation.” They concluded, “/de facto 
/annexation entails the same legal consequences as /de jure /annexation.”

For over a thousand European parliamentarians 
“Failure to adequately respond [to Israeli annexation] would encourage 
other states with territorial claims to disregard basic principles of 
international law,” undermining “the most basic norms guiding 
international relations, including the UN Charter.”

The international community must therefore impose lawful, targeted and 
immediate sanctions 
<https://alhaq.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10071401ba4201bc1a4992f68&id=519b849778&e=08c14cf485> on 
Israel in response to its /ongoing /annexation, illegal military 
occupation and apartheid regime of racial discrimination, segregation 
and territorial expansion that is enshrined in Israel’s domestic law 

With its silence, Israel hopes to silence global mobilizations that have 
compelled the international community to consider accountability 
measures and to safeguard its impunity. Israel, after all, is well aware 
that the climate of international complicity and lack of accountability 
is what has enabled its colonization, apartheid and /de facto/ and /de 
jure/ annexation of Palestinian territory to continue for decades.

Israel’s /de jure /annexation of occupied Palestinian territory, 
formalized in East Jerusalem in 1967 and later entrenched in the 1980 
Basic Law, may now be replicated in other parts of the OPT. Such formal 
annexation crystallizes a “21 
according to dozens of United National human rights experts and 
constitutes a “most serious violation of international law,” as the UN 
General Secretary Antonio Guterres stated 

Already in 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) warned that 
Israel’s /de facto/ annexation of its illegal settlements by means of 
the Wall may become a fait accompli. Sixteen years later, this has 
indeed materialized. The ICJ called on all States and the United Nations 
to adopt measures to end these serious Israeli violations of the UN 
Charter-based international legal order and international humanitarian 
law and to meet their obligation of non-recognition and non-assistance.

Now is the time for serious accountability measures, not just for the 
sake of defending Palestinian rights under international law, but 
crucially to safeguard the very credibility of and respect for 
international law itself.

In response to Israel’s ongoing annexation and grave violations of 
Palestinian human rights, Palestinian civil society reiterates its 
unified call 
<https://alhaq.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10071401ba4201bc1a4992f68&id=572003268b&e=08c14cf485> on 
all States and international organizations to respect their legal 
obligations to cooperate to end Israel’s illegal occupation, annexation 
and apartheid, and to withhold all recognition and assistance from it, 
by immediately implementing, as a matter of priority, the following 

 1. *A ban on arms trade and military-security cooperation with Israel.*
 2. *Suspension of trade and cooperation agreements with Israel.*
 3. *Prohibition of trade with the illegal Israeli settlements and
    termination of corporate business with Israel’s illegal settlement
 4. *Investigation and prosecution of individuals and corporate actors
    responsible for war crimes/crimes against humanity in the context of
    Israel’s regime of illegal occupation and apartheid.*
 5. *Support efforts at the United Nations to **reconstitute the UN
    Special Committee against Apartheid*
    <https://alhaq.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=10071401ba4201bc1a4992f68&id=c3993f1c58&e=08c14cf485>* and
    the UN Centre against Apartheid to investigate Israeli apartheid.*

_Palestinian civil society signatories_:

  * Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) including:

  * Al-Haq – Law in the Service of Mankind
  * Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
  * Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
  * Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
  * Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP)
  * Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC)
  * Aldameer Association for Human Rights
  * Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS)
  * Hurryyat – Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights
  * The Independent Commission for Human Rights (Ombudsman Office) –
    Observer Member
  * Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human Rights – Observer Member

  * Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO)
  * Global Palestine Right of Return Coalition
  * Palestinian Bar Association
  * Palestinian Medical Association
  * General Union of Palestinian Teachers
  * Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and
    Employees (PFUUPE)
  * General Union of Palestinian Women
  * General Union of Palestinian Writers
  * Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
  * Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine
  * General Union of Palestinian Workers
  * Palestinian Union of Postal, IT and Telecommunication workers
  * Palestinian National Institute for NGOs (PNIN)
  * Federation of Independent Trade Unions
  * Union of Palestinian Farmers
  * Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (STW)
  * Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC)
  * Civic Coalition for the Defense of Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem
  * Coalition for Jerusalem
  * National Committee to Commemorate the Nakba
  * General Union of Palestinian Peasants
  * Union of Palestinian Charitable Organizations
  * Union of Professional Associations
  * Women’s Campaign to Boycott Israeli Products
  * Union of Youth Activity Centers-Palestine Refugee Camps
  * Agricultural Cooperatives Union
  * National Committee for Grassroots Resistance
  * Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions PGFTU–Gaza
  * Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC)
  * Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS)
  * Women Study Center (WSC PAL)
  * Palestinian Feminist Center for Sexual and Gender Freedoms – Aswat,
  * Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development
  * Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)
  * MADA - Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms
  * Wasel Center for Youth Development
  * Youth Development Society
  * The Cultural Forum Center
  * Early Childhood Sources Association
  * Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)
  * Human Rights & Democracy Media Center “SHAMS"
  * Rural Women Development Association
  * Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
  * Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD)
  * Health Work Committees
  * The National Union of Civil Society Organizations, Nablus
  * Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society, Jerusalem
  * Land Defense Coalition
  * Federation of New Trade Unions
  * Tamer Institute for Community Education
  * Palestinian Youth Union
  * Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Initiative (OPGAI)
  * Popular Art Center (PAC)
  * Teacher Creativity Center
  * The Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD)
  * Arab Agronomists Association (AAA)
  * Seeds Association for Development and Culture
  * Palestinian House of Friendship
  * Palestine Friend’s Association
  * Yafa Cultural Center
  * Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society
  * Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)-Palestine
  * Treatment and rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (TRC)
  * Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA)
  * Joint Advocacy Initiative-The East Jerusalem YMCA-YWCA of Palestine
  * Kairos Palestine
  * Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs
    (PASSIA), Jerusalem

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