[News] Bolivia's Anti-Imperialist Army School Renamed After Che's Assassins

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Sat Jan 18 12:35:16 EST 2020

Anti-Imperialist Army School Renamed After Che's AssassinsJanuary 17, 2020

The anti-imperialist school that Evo Morales created in the Armed Forces of
Bolivia in 2016 has been renamed Friday to Heroes of Ñancahuazu, after the
Bolivian military unit that killed the revolutionary figure Ernesto “Che”
Guevara in 1967.

"Bolivians are not anti-anything," Bolivia’s Interim Defense Minister Luis
Fernando Lopez declared to media in La Paz, while explaining that the
anti-imperialist orientation with which Morales launched this academy in
2016 "did not fit with military doctrine."

"Under that anti-imperialist concept, foreign doctrines are generated," he
added, something that "has nothing to do with the spirit of Bolivians."

The General Juan Jose Torres Anti-Imperialist Command School installed in
the Bolivian city of Warnes did not provide "any type of function that will
contribute to the Armed Forces," the official added.

The training center was integrated into the Military School of Engineering
with the new name. Yet this is just another attempt form the de-facto
government to erase the legacy of Evo Morales and the social and cultural
progress made during his mandate; as in the case of the burning
and dismissal of the Indigenous Wiphala flag.

The de-facto President Jeanine Añez, after coming to power last November in
a violent coup, said the government would replace "ideological educational
instances" that in her opinion "did not pay any education" to the Bolivian

The statements of the Minister of Defense were made during the presentation
of a military and police device to strengthen security for Jan. 22 when
Bolivia celebrates Plurinational State Day.
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