[News] US Leads Global Wave of Nations Stealing, Seizing and Diverting Coronavirus Equipment

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Leads Global Wave of Nations Stealing, Seizing and Diverting Coronavirus
by Alan Macleod - April 3, 2020

There were dramatic scenes at an airport in Shanghai, China, as U.S. agents
hijacked a plane full of lifesaving equipment, including 60 million masks,
bound for coronavirus-stricken France. While the plane was on the tarmac,
American agents managed to bribe locals into diverting the plane to the
United States, plying them with cash.

The story was revealed by the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
(PACA) region, Renaud Muselier, who noted that he had already paid in full
for the cargo. “The Americans pay double – in cash – before they even see
the goods!” he told
French newspaper *Libération*, worrying now that his country is engaged in
“a race against the clock” to secure and distribute masks amid the
pandemic. PACA is situated in the southeast of France, bordering Italy. The
first case in PACA was confirmed on February 28 in the famous seaside
resort town of Cannes; a young woman traveling back from Milan – an
epicenter of the virus – was infected. Muselier’s story was backed up by
Jean Rottner, president of the Grand Est region. “On the tarmac, they
arrive, get the cash out… so we really have to fight,” he said

This appears not to be an isolated incident. Canadian Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau revealed that he had received similar reports of goods being seized
and taken to the United States. “We need to make sure that equipment that
is destined for Canada gets to and stays in Canada, and I’ve asked
ministers to follow up on these particular reports,” he said
yesterday. Brazil, one of the U.S.’ most loyal allies, also broke with
convention to criticize the Trump administration’s pandemic gangsterism.
“Today the US sent 23 of their biggest cargo planes to China to pick up the
material they had acquired. Many of our purchases, which we had hoped to
confirm in order to supply [our country], fell through,” said
the country’s health minister, Luiz Herique Mandetta. “The whole world
wants [supplies] too. There is a problem of hyper-demand.”

France has been hit hard by the coronavirus; 59,929 people have officially
tested positive, but 5,398 have died already, the nine percent death rate
suggesting that the country has not tested enough of its citizens. Both
local and national governments have been criticized for their slow response
to the pandemic, failing to shut down public events like markets. The
famous Paris-Nice bicycle race, which finishes in PACA, was one of the last
professional sporting events still running in Europe. Today the French
service sector officially plunged into the deepest recession
in its history. With tourism and transport halted, the government is using
the high-speed TGV train service to ferry patients around the country at up
to 357 mph to hospitals with free beds.

If the initial French response lacked zeal, the U.S. was even slower.
President Trump spent weeks claiming the virus was a liberal “hoax
intended to dent his credibility, then downplaying the seriousness of the
problem, before changing tack and blaming China for the thousands of dead.
This week he declared
that if 200,000 Americans die, that would be a great victory for his
administration. Over 6,000 have already died, with the tally of confirmed
cases almost certain to rise above a quarter-million today. The Trump
administration has used the virus to impose further sanctions on Iran
and Venezuela
in an attempt to overthrow their governments. It also tried to compel a
German pharmaceutical corporation to move production to the U.S., in order
to make sure that America alone had access to and control of any
coronavirus vaccine it might produce. He reportedly
wished to ensure that it would only be available on a for-profit basis.
“Germany is not for sale,” the country’s furious economy minister replied
The U.S. also managed
to fly out half a million test kits on a military plane from Lombardy,
Italy, the epicenter of the Italian outbreak.

Other countries, too, have made highly questionable decisions. Czech
authorities seized Chinese medical supplies bound for Italy when a plane
refueled there, the country keeping the equipment for itself. Meanwhile,
Turkey has not only banned the export of protective gear but is also
reneging on shipments that other countries have already paid for.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic appears to be bringing out both the best
and worst in human nature. With these latest U.S. moves, seizing and
diverting lifesaving equipment from other countries, it seems there has
also been a serious outbreak in gangster capitalism.

Feature photo | A N95 mask is seen on the sidewalk next to corona beer
bottle caps outside Wycoff Heights Medical Center, April 1, 2020, in New
York. Mary Altaffer | AP

*Alan MacLeod <https://twitter.com/AlanRMacLeod> is a Staff Writer
for MintPress News. After completing his PhD in 2017 he published two
books: Bad News From Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting
and Propaganda
in the Information Age: Still Manufacturing Consent
He has also contributed to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
<https://fair.org/author/alan-macleod/>, The Guardian
<https://www.theguardian.com/profile/alan-macleod>, Salon
<https://www.salon.com/writer/alan-macleod>, The Grayzone
<https://thegrayzone.com/author/alan-macleod/>, Jacobin Magazine
<https://jacobinmag.com/author/alan-macleod>, Common Dreams
<https://www.commondreams.org/author/alan-macleod> the American Herald
Tribune <https://ahtribune.com/author.html?id=1088> and The Canary
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