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  Allende's Opponents Press Demand for His Resignation

*New York Times - September 10, 1973*

SANTIAGO, Chile, Sept. 9 (UPI)—The provincial leaders of Chile's 
opposition Christian Democratic party today urged their national 
leadership to demand the resignation of President Salvador Allende 
Gossens and call for national elections.

After a closed‐door meeting of the party, they said they had suggested 
“the National Council demand, as the only democratic solution, a return 
of power to the people, which implies the resignation of the President 
of the republic, as well as all of Congress.”

“It is thus that Chileans, freely and democratically, can elect their 
new leaders,” the provincial leaders said.

The Christian Democrats, a center party, control the largest bloc of 
seats in Congress. President Allende rules through a coalition of 
leftist parties.


*/In case you don't know this history:/*


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