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  Venezuela: Embassy Protection Collective ‘The Next Two Days Are Crucial’

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers – April 23, 2019

    Embassy Protection Collective Will Refuse To Turn Over Embassy To US
    Puppet Government: Arrests Expected

*The next two days will be crucial for the protection of the Venezuelan 
embassy in Washington, DC.* The Embassy Protection Collective is 
prepared to stay at the embassy for the foreseeable future, for as long 
as it takes to protect the sovereignty of Venezuela from a coup led by 
the United States with its fraudulent puppet government that the entire 
world knows is a farce — unelected and illegal under Venezuelan and 
international law. We stand with the Venezuelan government and their 
legitimately-elected president, Nicolas Maduro.

_If you can make it to Washington, DC in the next two days, contact us 
by completing this form 
If you can’t come to DC, please mobilize on Thursday, April 25 at the 
Venezuelan embassy nearest you to say that the embassy is the property 
of the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro and that you will protect 
it from illegal takeovers if such were attempted_. This is important 
because if the US is successful at taking the embassy in DC, other 
countries may follow suit.

In Washington, DC, people can take action inside or outside of the 
embassy. A strong show of public support will prevent the takeover of 
the embassy. There are many levels of risk people can take to show their 
solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

In the last two days, more than 800 people and organizations have signed 
on to the Declaration of the Embassy Protective (Colectivos De La Paz) 
The Declaration makes explicit the illegal actions of the Trump 
administration and their fake puppet government and the legitimacy of 
President Maduro and the elected Venezuelan government. Sign on to the 
Declaration here 
to show your solidarity with the Venezuelan people and your opposition 
to the US coup.

There has been a series of amazing events at the Venezuelan embassy in 
Washington, DC. The art build organized by the Embassy Protection 
Collective resulted in the Georgetown embassy being covered with 
political signs that describe the US coup and the fraudulent, illegal, 
puppet government. A banner with the “Eyes of Chavez 
was installed on the embassy along with multiple other banners.

This Wednesday night, the Collective, which was initiated by CODE PINK 
and Popular Resistance, will be holding a forum with former CIA officer 
John Kiriakou. Kiriakou will discuss “An Inside View of CIA-Led Coups.” 
The irony of Kiriakou making this presentation from inside an embassy 
being threatened by US take-over should not be lost on anyone. That 
forum will be followed by a nonviolent direct action training for people 
who plan to resist the next day. And, there will be a light projection 
displaying images on the Venezuelan embassy.

The Collective has highlighted that what is occurring in Venezuela is a 
US coup. Billboards attached to the building show the “The Regime Change 
Checklist,” which describes some of the steps the US has taken to force 
a coup in Venezuela. Another is “US Regime Change Results,” which 
summarizes some of the many US coups and their devastating impacts. A 
series of 32 panels along the front of the embassy describes the 
chronology of the US regime change campaign.

The Embassy Protection Collective is in the embassy with the permission 
of the Venezuelan government. The Collective is not breaking the law but 
serving the people of Venezuela. If law enforcement enters the embassy 
without permission of the Maduro government, they will be breaking the 
law and invading Venezuela’s sovereign territory. This is a time when 
all who oppose US intervention need to show their support by doing all 
they can to protect the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC.

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