[News] Only 11% of Gaza has access to safe water

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  PCBS reports that only 11% of Gaza has access to safe water

Nour Qud
2 minutes

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) today issued a press 
which highlights the extent of the water problem in Gaza: only 11.4% of 
its population have access to safe, clean water. This finding was 
published alongside other environmental statistics on Palestine to mark 
World Environment Day (WED), a UN initiative to raise global awareness 
and action for the environment.

Measured according to the definition of the UN’s Sustainable Development 
Goals (SDGs), the percentage of Palestinians who use safe drinking water 
stands at slightly over 60%. This figure is raised significantly by the 
95.1% of Palestinians in the West Bank who are able to drink potable water.

Israel’s destruction of water sanitation plants in Gaza is one of the 
reasons for the severe shortage of clean water. It justifies these 
actions by claiming the plants were built illegally.

PCBS’ worrying report on water safety comes on the same day as Save the 
Children report 
<https://opt.savethechildren.net/news/generation-children-gaza-brink-mental-health-crisis-new-research-shows> on 
mental health in Gaza. Its research warns that Gaza children are on the 
brink of a mental health crisis, with 95% of young people showing acute 
psychological distress.

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