[News] Police Massacre in Gran Ravin - Protesting students in Cap Haitien beaten by police

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Thu Nov 16 17:07:29 EST 2017

*New Haiti Police Massacre in Gran Ravin district*

*Haiti Action Committee*

  * *Reports of a mass killing by the US/UN occupation-trained and
    supervised Haitian police in the working-class neighborhood of Gran
    Ravin in Port-au-Prince, the nation's capital.

  * *Police brutally beat teachers and students in the northern city of
    Cap Haitien, who were demanding money for education, not to restore
    the murderous army*

*Monday 11/13/17* was a day of extra-judicial killings of men and women 
estimated by community residents to total 14 not counting a number of 
disappeared according to Radio Timoun (Youth Radio).

The reporting was live from the *Port-au-Prince neighborhood of 
Grand’Ravine* on the Maranatha school grounds and nearby where 8 of the 
bodies including those of a teacher and the school caretaker still lay 
as of 2 hours ago this morning, Tuesday 11/14/17. Other bodies were 
stated by witnesses to be in nearby bushes. Many are reported wounded by 
police gunfire and beatings with hammers. In addition, news reports make 
mention of 31 arbitrary arrests. *(Click to see 8-minute video of the 
police massacre and the people's anger - Masak lapolis fe nan Gran Ravin 
13 Novanm 2017: Warning graphic content) 

These killings were conducted by units of the Haitian police according 
to a number of survivors beaten by the police and other witnesses 
interviewed by Radio Timoun. It is also reported that at the very early 
hour when the police attack against the community took place, many 
children and adults were injured by the very potent tear gas used by the 
police. Gran Ravin, like most poor neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, has 
long been a stronghold of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and 
his Fanmi Lavalas Party.

*Also on Monday 11/13/17* in the northern city of Cap-Haitien, marching 
students shouting “Down with the army, long live education, long live 
schools!” were brutally attacked by the police using tear gas and 
batons. Many teachers and students were beaten and severely injured. 
Schools have been closed there for the past week. The students were 
saying no to the government’s plan to restore the old disbanded Haitian 
military. They are demanding that the money instead should be used to 
pay long overdue salaries to the already much-underpaid teachers.

The demonstrators are also denouncing a reported plan by the corrupt 
US/UN-occupation government of Jovenel Moise (PHTK Party) to fire 
teachers en masse, replace them with his supporters and not pay them the 
overdue wages.

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@HaitiAction Committee 

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