[News] Maduro Warns of ‘Nazi-Fascist’ Current in Ranks of Venezuelan Opposition

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Mon May 22 12:13:09 EDT 2017


  Maduro Warns of ‘Nazi-Fascist’ Current in Ranks of Opposition

May 22, 2017

As violent right-wing attacks ramp up 
<http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Venezuela-Investigates-Death-of-Youth-Killed-During-Protest--20170521-0017.html> amid more 
than 50 days of ongoing protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro 
warned of a Nazi-fascist current within the opposition, which Maduro's 
administration claims is aided and abetted by the United States in the 
name of toppling the leftist government.

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Appearing on his weekly Sunday broadcast, "Los Domingos con Maduro," the 
president said that the racist faction, based on “hatred and 
contempt,” involves leaders from the Democratic Unity Table, known by 
its Spanish acronym MUD, including the right-wing president of the 
National Assembly, 
Julio Borges.

Although 17 opposition parties have agreed to discuss 
the terms of a new constituent assembly called on by Maduro, groups 
aligned with MUD have refused to cooperate with the negotiations 

Condemning the aggression perpetrated by MUD leaders, Maduro stated, "It 
is one of the most horrifying things.” He called on both Venezuelans and 
the media alike to reject MUD’s actions and the violence that has 
"infected the souls of thousands of Venezuelans."

*Maduro addresses the country, saying, "We will continue to act 
forcefully, with democratic authority, against the fascist violence that 
has been unleashed."​​​​​​*

The Bolivarian leader also blamed U.S. President Donald Trump for 
instigating recent violent events in the country, saying, "(Trump) wants 
to take political control of Venezuela ... enough of imperialist 

Maduro also decried Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who he described 
as the "protector father of the fascist, violent and coup-mongering 
right of Venezuela.”

Finally, he denounced the recent attack against a young man in Caracas, 
who was set on fire by a hooded mob 
for allegedly identifying with chavismo.

"The crimes committed by these fascists are hate crimes, they are 
serious. Burning a person because they think he is Chavista is a crime 
of hatred and against humanity," declared Maduro.

In response to the violent protests 
Maduro called for a "great national mobilization for peace" next Tuesday 
to reject "hate and fascist violence."

On Saturday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez, reiterated 
the call for peace 
Speaking at a community event she said that the constituent assembly “is 
a choice for all Venezuelans who oppose violence, want peace for our 
children and want to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela against 
interventionist agents.”

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