[News] A Guide to Who’s Coming to the Largest White Nationalist Rally in a Decade

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Fri Aug 11 11:58:58 EDT 2017


  A Guide to Who’s Coming to the Largest White Nationalist Rally in a Decade

By Spencer Sunshine 
<http://www.politicalresearch.org/author/s-sunshine/>,on August 10, 2017 


A poster for Unite the Right combines imagery of Confederate flags and 
monuments, Pepe the Frog, as well as the Roman Eagle–reminiscent of Nazi 

The Unite the Right rally, which will take place in Charlottesville, 
Virginia on August 12, 2017, looks like it will be the largest White 
Nationalist rally in the United States in more than a decade. Between 
500 and 1,000 people are expected to participate, while up to 4,000 
counter-protestors may come.

While there have been numerous Far Right rallies since Donald Trump’s 
inauguration in January 2017, this is the first major one that is led by 
fascists and other White Nationalists, which include Richard Spencer, 
Matthew Heimbach, Mike Enoch, and Michael Hill. It is also the third 
rally to be held in Charlottesville this year; the first one, in May, 
was marked by a torchlight rally at night, and was followed by a KKK 
march in July.

I have identified over thirty groups and prominent individuals who will 
be speaking at or attending the event, or have provided support for or 
endorsed it. This list includes Alt Right and Alt Lite members, 
neoconfederates, neonazis, racist pagans, Patriot movement 
paramilitaries, and even a European neonazi party. What follows is a 
scorecard of the Far Right groups that have announced they will attend 
the event, although undoubtedly many more will come.


*Jason Kessler (Unity and Security for America)*

Jason Kessler writes on Twitter, “#UniteTheRight opposes the 
demonization of white people & their history. We oppose the globalist 
plan to replace us w/ 3rd world immigration.”

As Unite the Right’s main organizer, Kessler has filed for the rally 
permits and has held several press conferences. He is the president of 
the Far Right group Unity and Security for America, and has written for 
the White nationalist anti-immigration /VDARE/ website. He had written a 
/Daily Caller/ story praising the May Charlottesville rally. However, 
after it was revealed that Kessler had also given a speech to the 
protestors the same day, the website suspended their relationship. 
Kessler promotes antisemitic and “White genocide” conspiracy theories, 
and supports calls for a White ethnostate.

On the /Political Cesspool/ radio show, Kessler said about Unite the 
Right: “the number one thing is I want to destigmatize Pro-White 
advocacy…. I want a huge, huge crowd, and that’s what we’re going to 
have, to come out and support, not just the Lee Monument, but also white 
people in general, because it is our race which is under attack.”^1 <#_edn1>


*Richard Spencer (AltRight.com, National Policy Institute)
*Spencer is the most visible Alt Right figure and is usually credited 
with coining the term. The leader of the intellectual wing of the 
movement, he has been pivotal in remaking the image of White 
nationalism. An advocate of “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and a White 
ethnostate, Spencer is influenced by European unorthodox fascist trends 
like the New Right and Identitarian movement. Despite being firmly on 
the fascist wing of the movement, his untraditional influences show, for 
example, in his toleration of openly gay and lesbian participants. In 
2011 Spencer took over the National Policy Institute (NPI) think tank 
and has held several conferences in Washington. A supporter of Trump at 
the time, at the NPI conference before the inauguration Spencer gave a 
speech that ended with, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” 
Audience members sieg-heiled in response. In 2017, Spencer founded a new 
website, /AltRight.com/, along with others including Jason Jorjani and 
Swedish fascist Daniel Friberg, both of whom work with Arktos press.

/AltRight.com/ wrote about the rally, saying “People will talk about 
Charlottesville as a turning point. There will be a before 
Charlottesville and an after Charlottesville. Will you stand up for your 
history, your race and your way of life?”^2 <#_edn2>

*Matthew Heimbach (Traditionalist Worker Party)*

Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party have been promoting 
the event; he is depicted here during his time in the White Student 
Union he founded while attending Towson University. Photo: Flickr via 
cool revolution.

Heimbach has founded and led several groups in succession: a Youth for 
Western Civilization chapter and a White Students Union (both at Towson 
University in Maryland), and then the Traditionalist Youth Network and 
its outgrowth, the Traditionalist Worker Party. He is one of the three 
leaders of the racist umbrella group the Nationalist Front, and is a 
member of the neoconfederate League of the South. Now twenty-six, 
Heimbach was the bright young thing of the White Nationalist movement 
before the Alt Right, and despite his orientation towards more 
traditional neonazi and KKK groups, he portrays himself as a prominent 
figure in the Alt Right. He is a tireless networker, with links to 
groups like Greece’s neonazi Golden Dawn party, but is also a 
controversial figure. He had been feuding with Richard Spencer, but this 
apparently ended in April 2017 when Heimbach came to Alabama’s Auburn 
University to help protect a talk Spencer gave. In July 2017 Heimbach 
plead guilty to disorderly conduct for attacking a black woman at a 
March 2016 Trump campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky.^3 <#_edn3>

*Mike Enoch (/The Right Stuff/)*

Enoch (real name: Mike Peinovich) runs /The Right Stuff/, a podcast 
platform which includes the /Daily Shoah/ show. /The Right Stuff/ acts 
as middle-ground between the intellectual and juvenile trolling wings of 
the Alt Right. Enoch appeared with Nationalist Front groups at the April 
2017 rally in Pikeville, Kentucky, and was at the May rally in 
Charlottesville. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Foundation 
for the Marketplace of Ideas. Enoch is credited with popularizing the 
racist neologism “dindus” as well as the antisemitic “echoes” symbol 
(where three parentheses are placed around names of people thought to be 
Jewish). Vehemently antisemitic, when he was doxed in January 2017 it 
was revealed he lived in New York’s wealthy Upper East Side 
neighborhood—with his Jewish wife.^4 <#_edn4>

*Michael Hill (League of the South)*

Hill is the founder and leader of the neoconfederate League of the 
South. A former professor, he has the led the group from having a base 
of support from pro-Southern academics into a racist group with 
paramilitary elements. Hill is also one of the three leaders of the 
Nationalist Front. He will be the only person speaking at Unite the 
Right with a PhD.^5 <#_edn5>

*Augustus Invictus (Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, American Guard)*

Invictus is a Florida lawyer who ran in the 2016 Libertarian Party 
primary for senate, hoping to take Marco Rubio’s seat. Invictus is a 
Thelemite (occultists in the tradition of Aleister Crowley), and the 
press has a had a field day with that fact that he admits to sacrificing 
a goat and drinking its blood. As a lawyer, Invictus defended Marcus 
Faella of the American Front, a Third Positionist skinhead group whose 
Florida chapter was arrested and charged with illegal paramilitary 
training; American Front members have hosted and attended Invictus’s 
talks in the Pacific Northwest. He has floated into Alt Right circles 
and, although he denies being a white supremacist, he is unusually open 
about his willingness to work with fascists. He is a member of the 
American Guard, a Midwest-based Alt Right group that accepts open White 
nationalists while claiming the group itself are “constitutional 
nationalists.” He also helped Based Stickman form the Fraternal Order of 
the Alt Knights—a group designed to engage in fights at demonstrations, 
and who are affiliated with the Proud Boys.^6 <#_edn6>

*Baked Alaska*

Baked Alaska takes to Twitter to promote the rally.

Tim “Treadstone” Gionet, aka “Baked Alaska,” is a former /Buzzfeed/ 
social media strategist who has moved towards antisemitism, 
Islamophobia, and White nationalism. He was Milo Yiannopoulos’s tour 
manager in 2016, but was uninvited to the Alt Lite “Deploraball”—held in 
Washington, DC the night before Trump’s inauguration—for his antisemitic 
tweets. Baked Alaska apologized, but has since attacked Alt Lite 
livestreamer Laura Loomer using blatant antisemitism, and now promotes 
White supremacist ideas such as “the 14 words” and “White genocide” on 
Twitter.^7 <#_edn7>

*Pax Dickinson**

The most commercially successful of the crowd, Dickinson worked at 
/Business Insider/ until his misogynistic tweets forced his departure. 
He later worked at /Wesearchr/, a Far Right funding platform. After a 
fallout there, he announced that he is starting /Counter.Fund/, a new 
Far Right crowdfunding site. However, the revelation that Peter Belau, 
the site’s “first High Council appointee” is Jewish, has caused neonazi 
stalwart Billy Roper to denounce the Unite the Right gathering.^8 <#_edn8>

*Christopher Cantwell*

One of the minor league speakers tapped early on, Cantwell hosts the 
/Radical Agenda/ podcast. He had worked with the /Cop Block/ project, 
before he—like an number of Alt Right members—moved from libertarianism 
and anarcho-capitalism into the Alt Right and sympathy with fascists. In 
a recent interview, Cantwell said “let’s fucking gas the kikes and have 
a race war.”^9 <#_edn9>

*Johnny Monoxide*

The least-known of the speakers, Monoxide (aka Johnny Ramondetta) is a 
White nationalist livestreamer who has run different podcasts. Living in 
Berkeley, California, Monoxide has livestreamed Identity Evropa 
events.^10 <#_edn10>


*Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.*

Led by Kyle Bristow, this Michigan-based legal non-profit was formed in 
2016. He claims it is “quickly becoming the legal muscle behind the 
alt-right movement.” In April, Bristow successfully forced Auburn 
University to host Richard Spencer’s talk. More recently, Bristow has 
tried to block the Charlottesville city government from moving the 
location of Unite the Right out of a small park in the downtown area. 
The group’s board of directors include Alt Right activist Mike Enoch; 
William Johnson, the chairman of the White nationalist American Freedom 
Party; and James Edwards, who runs the White nationalist /Political 
Cesspool /radio show.^11 <#_edn11>

Memes such as this one have been circulating social media in 
anticipation for the rally.


*/Daily Stormer/*

Founded by Andrew Anglin, by July 2016 the site, according to the 
Southern Poverty Law Center, “had become the most popular 
English-language website of the radical right, eclipsing the Stormfront 
site that had held that position since the early days of the Internet.” 
/Daily Stormer/ (a pun on the 1930s German Nazi party newspaper 
/Der//Stürmer/) is the most prominent representative of the openly 
neonazi wing of the Alt Right. In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center 
said they have established thirty-one on-the-ground groups, called “book 
clubs.” Staffers Lee Rogers, “Azzmador,” “Zeiger,” and Ben Garland 
announced they are going to Unite the Right. Rogers writes, “Daily 
Stormer Book Clubs should do everything they can to get their people out 
to this event. All readers of the Daily Stormer should do the same.”

Another article/Daily Stormer/ says, “this will clearly be an 
earth-shaking day that will go down in the history books. It can really 
only be explained as a perfect storm. That everything has been leading 
up to this. That our time has come. … It will be a monumental turning 
point in the progression of our movement. Everything will be different 
afterwards. … Next stop: Charlottesville, VA. Final stop: Auschwitz.”^12 

*Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK)*

The “military wing of the Proud Boys,” this group was founded in April 
2017 by Based Stickman, with help from Augustus Invictus. (Based 
Stickman was originally slated as appearing at the rally, but it does 
not appear that he will make an appearance.) On August 7 the FOAK 
announced that will be come to Unite the Right.^13 <#_edn13>

*Brad Griffin (/Occidental Dissent/)*
Griffin’s /Occidental Dissent/ blog has been heavily promoting Unite the 
Right. Griffin, who writes as “Hunter Wallace,” is a member of the 
neoconfederate League of the South. He also has been a board member of 
the Council of Conservative Citizens, the group who was the inspiration 
to Dylann Roof, the murderer of nine black worshippers at a Charleston, 
South Carolina church in 2015/./ Despite his neoconfederate views, 
Griffin has come around to supporting the Alt Right.

In July, Griffin wrote:*“*I think Charlottesville has the potential to 
be a breakthrough moment in our activism. There is so much energy which 
has been bottled up online over the past 15 years that the dam is close 
to breaking. It is only a matter of time before it finally spills over 
into the real world and we are getting very close to that point.”^14 

*/Identity Dixie/*

A media outlet with a webpage and podcast called /Rebel Yell/. It was 
started by /The Right Stuff/ in order to appeal to neoconfederates, and 
mixes confederate and Nazi imagery.^15 <#_edn15>

Identity Evropa’s advertisement for the rally.

*Identity Evropa *

Founded in March 2016, Identity Evropa is one of two fascist Alt Right 
groups who are oriented toward recruiting men in their teens and early 
twenties. They copy European Identitarian politics and are known for 
sporting Richard Spencer-like “fashy” haircuts and recruiting on 
campuses. They have been present at many of the combative Far 
Right-organized street demonstrations since the inauguration. Their 
leader, Nathan Damigo, achieved internet notoriety for punching a 
counter-protestor at a Berkeley rally in April 2017. Damigo has 
previously led the Nationalist Youth Front, the youth branch of the 
White nationalist American Freedom Party. Identity Evropa also 
participated in the May 2017 Charlottesville rally.

Damigo plans to be at Unite the Right; he says the removal of 
Confederate monuments is part of a plan “to sever us from our identity 
so that we will have nothing left to gain strength and inspiration from 
to resist their mass colonization. Join us, and push back against the 
cultural Marxists their war on Whites.”^16 <#_edn16>

*League of the South*

The League is a highly visible neoconfederate organization, and promote 
an explicitly White nationalist version of the Confederacy’s 
goal—southern secession. Founded in 1994, they have been able to attract 
thousands of members over the years, and have created paramilitary 
elements. Their current popular issue is their support for Confederate 
memorials and flags*. *In April 2017 they joined the Nationalist Front, 
and attended the Pikeville, Kentucky rally alongside the Traditionalist 
Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, and others.

The League’s founder and leader, Michael Hill, will speak at Unite the 
Right. The group says, “This is an event which seeks to unify the 
right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown, to speak out 
against displacement level immigration policies in the United States and 
Europe, and to affirm the right of Southerners and White people to 
organize for their interests just like any other group is able to do, 
free of persecution.”^17 <#_edn17>

*National Socialist Movement*

The NSM is the prominent U.S. neonazi party. After American Nazi Party 
leader George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated in 1967, some of his 
followers latter founded a group that eventually became the National 
Socialist Movement. Lead by Jeff Schoep, they came into prominence in 
2004 and are known primarily for staging high-profile public rallies. 
This included a 2005 Toledo, Ohio march that ended in rioting. In April 
2016 they helped found the racist umbrella group Aryan Nationalist 
Alliance (now the Nationalist Front), and Schoep is one the group’s 
three leaders. Attempting to mainstream itself in the atmosphere created 
by Trump, in November 2016 the National Socialist Movement removed the 
swastika from their flag, replacing it with an Odal rune. In April 2017 
they attended a large rally in Pikeville, Kentucky, led by Heimbach. In 
July 2017, they announced they would come to Unite the Right, saying 
“This is a call to all NSM Members to be in Charlottesville, and show 
our support for White History and Heritage.” However, as of press time 
Schoep is not listed as a speaker.^18 <#_edn18>

*Nationalist Front
*A national umbrella organization of various neonazi, fascist, Klan, and 
other groups. Founded in April 2016 as the Aryan Nationalist Alliance, 
soon after it changed its name and now has three leaders: Matthew 
Heimbach (Traditionalist Worker Party), Jeff Schoep (National Socialist 
Movement), and Michael Hill (League of the South). Heimbach and Hill are 
speaking and all three groups will attend the rally, along with Vanguard 
America, a new member group who are Alt Right neonazis. Especially with 
the addition of the National Socialist Movement, Unite the Right has 
gained the aura of being a Nationalist Front event.^19 <#_edn19>

*Stephen McNallen (Wotan Network)*

McNallen is the founder of the Asatru Folk Assembly, a White nationalist 
Heathen group. (Heathens are pagans who worship the traditional Norse 
and Germanic gods; this religious tradition is favored by many White 
nationalists, although many other Heathens are anti-racist.) Recently 
McNallen has formed the openly White nationalist Wotan Network, which is 
focused on disseminating White nationalist Heathen memes. He said he 
wants his appearance at Unite the Right to have a large public 
impact.^20 <#_edn20>

*Patriot Movement and the Militias*

The role of the Patriot movement and its paramilitaries—which have 
appeared at numerous other Trumpist street rallies—has been a hotly 
discussed topic on social media. In the end, the optics of the rally 
have become too neonazi looking for most to attend. However, there are 
some exceptions.

The *American Freedom Keepers* are mobilizing people to come. This group 
seems to be based in Portland, Oregon; its members have participated in 
different street actions. They are a split from another group, the 
Warriors for Freedom. At an ultra-nationalist demonstration in June 2017 
in Portland Oregon, an American Freedom Keeper made the news after he 
was photographed assisting law enforcement in arresting a 
counter-demonstrator. ^21 <#_edn21> When contacted via their website, 
the group did not deny it was organizing its members to come.

The leader of the *Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia* has also said he 
will bring his group. He claims that they are “going to try to 
coordinate with law enforcement.”^22 <#_edn22>

Additionally, the social media posts of various individual Patriot 
movement members, including III%ers and members of APIII%, have said 
they will attend.

*Proud Boys
*An Alt Right group founded by Gavin McInnes, who co-founded /Vice/ 
media, but left in 2008. McInnes is deeply misogynistic and 
Islamophobic, and has called transgender people “gender niggers.” 
McInnes denies being a White supremacist, and the group describes itself 
as “western chauvinist.” The Proud Boys allow people of color, Jews and 
gay men in their group.

McInnes has contributed to White nationalist publications like /American 
Renaissance/ and /VDARE/, used White nationalist rhetoric like “White 
genocide,” and has had White nationalist leaders on his show. White 
supremacists like Mike Enoch brag about how close the Proud Boys are to 
neonazism, going so far as to say that those who won’t become White 
Nationalists are “Jewish, they’re half-white, they’re mixed race or they 
have a non-White girlfriend of [sic] wife.”

The Proud Boys are an international organization that is explicitly 
violent; part of advancing in rank in their organization requires 
members to fight with their political opponents. They have been 
frequently seen at the clashes over the last six months. In April 2017 
the formation of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights was announced; it is 
described as the “military division of the Proud Boys.” Proud Boys in 
the Canadian armed forces were investigated after they disrupted a First 
Nations ceremony.

Originally the Proud Boys website ran an article denouncing “Unite the 
Right,” but it was taken down and replaced with one saying “if a chapter 
or an individual Proud Boy feels compelled to go, we encourage him to do 
so.”^23 <#_edn23>

*/Red Elephants/*

A new Alt Right media platform known for their livestreaming. They have 
promoted the violent DIY Division, are alleged to have illegally 
livestreamed inside of a courtroom, and were part of a July pro-Trump 
provocation in downtown Berkeley. They have promoted Unite the Right and 
are fundraising to send members there.^24 <#_edn24>

*Traditionalist Worker Party*

Led by Matthew Heimbach, the Traditionalist Worker Party is an outgrowth 
of his Traditionalist Youth Network. The group is both a predecessor to 
the Alt Right as well as a participant in it, despite Heimbach’s own 
orientation towards more traditional White Supremacist organizing. The 
group is a founding member of the Nationalist Front, and technically 
they are Third Positionist: they seek a separate White ethno-state and 
portray themselves as anti-capitalist. In April 2017 they organized a 
large rally in Pikeville, Kentucky, which was attended by the National 
Socialist Movement, the League of the South, Mike Enoch, and Vanguard 
America. Traditionalist Worker Party member Matt Parrot (who is 
Heimbach’s father-in-law), says the Traditionalist Worker Party will be 
“welcoming and supporting non-identitarian and non-White allies” at 
Unite the Right. Elsewhere he says:

“There’s this impression that Unite the Right is a White Nationalist 
event. This is false. Unite the Right is a broad unity event for every 
single faction of the right with the balls to stand and fight for our 
heritage against a nightmare swarm of Marxist degenerates. It just 
happens that only White Nationalists got the balls to hold the line when 
the media tries to divide and conquer.”

Meanwhile, in a video promoting Unite the Right, Heimbach claims a 
Jewish conspiracy is behind the removal of the Confederate memorials, 
because “they want to be able to destroy knowledge of the past so they, 
the Jewish Power Structure, can try and control the future.”^25 <#_edn25>

*Unity and Security for America*

Founded by Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler, the goal of this 
group “is to defend Western Civilization including its history, culture 
and peoples while utterly dismantling Cultural Marxism.” In addition to 
limiting immigration (they want to require that “most immigrants come 
from Western nations”), Unity and Security for America advocate a 
strongly isolationist foreign policy.^26 <#_edn26>

*Vanguard America*

An Alt Right neonazi group formed in 2016 and led by Dillon Irizarry, 
they focus on recruiting men in their teens and early twenties. They 
have been present at many of the street rallies and clashes this year, 
and have concentrated on campus-based recruiting. Originally named the 
American Vanguard, after participating in the April 2017 Pikeville, 
Kentucky rally, they joined the Nationalist Front.^27 <#_edn27>

*“Wife With a Purpose” ministry/
/*Richard Spencer announced that the blogger Ayla Stewart, who runs 
“Wife With a Purpose” ministry, will be attending the rally. Her brand 
of openly White nationalist Mormonism has gained her over 30,000 Twitter 
followers and media notoriety.^29 <#_edn29>


David Duke advertises the Unite the Right rally on his Twitter. The list 
of featured speakers includes many notable white nationalists and fascists.

*/American Renaissance/*

Jared Taylor leads American Renaissance, which is both a White 
nationalist publication and annual conference with an intellectual 
approach. Matthew Lyons describes it as/“/one of the movement’s central 
institutions” which “pioneered a version of White nationalism that 
avoided antisemitism.” Taylor has been called the “father of the alt 
right” because of his promotion of the notion of “race realism.”

In June 2017, antiracist activists claimed Taylor attended a meeting 
with Kessler and others at a Charlottesville restaurant, where Taylor 
disguised himself in a wig and spoke in a fake French accent. While no 
Unite the Right speakers were on the official program of the July 2017 
American Renaissance conference in Tennessee, shortly thereafter Taylor 
made a /Periscope/ video promoting the rally. In it, he says the desire 
to remove Confederate monuments is an “attack an all Americans who think 
differently than the way we are obliged today” and was an attempt to 
destroy “White heritage.”^30 <#_edn30>

*David Duke*

Since so many White nationalists who lead the 1980s and ‘90s movement 
have died, Duke is moving into a position as the movement’s preeminent 
elder statesman. Duke was a neonazi in the 1970s and later the founder 
and leader of the influential Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. 
Part of the faction that wished to mainstream the Klan, he was elected 
as a Louisiana State Representative in 1989. Duke is promoting Unite the 
Right on his radio show and Twitter.^31 <#_edn31>

Matthew Heimbach announced Golden Dawn’s endorsement of the rally on 

*Golden Dawn*

Matthew Heimbach announced on Facebook that Golden Dawn sent him a 
message to read at Unite the Right. This Greek neonazi party holds 
seventeen seats in the national parliament, and has chapters in the 
United States and other countries.^32 <#_edn32>


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