[News] The international right is intent on pushing open the floodgates for foreign intervention in Venezuela

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  A Post in the Militia of Peace. A call from Cuban Intellectuals and

April 4, 2017

Due to the interventionist maneuvers that imperialism and its regional 
acolytes are currently trying to implement at the Organization of 
American States (OAS) to delegitimize the Bolivarian process, the Union 
of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Association Hermanos Saiz 
(AHS), on behalf of the intellectual and artistic vanguard, express our 
solidarity with the Venezuelan people. */

The international right is intent on pushing open the floodgates for 
foreign intervention and restore by force, against the will of the 
Venezuelan people, a submissive, violent, oppressive sellout regime.

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, and his accomplices, aspire 
to break the constitutional order and overthrow the Bolivarian 
Government, which would throw Venezuelan society into chaos in order to 
roll back the social gains that it has achieved.

The revolutionary process of the Venezuelan people in securing their 
essential rights of independence, freedom, sovereignty, territorial 
integrity and self determination are an affront to their enemies. They 
could care less that Venezuela now has universal access to education and 
knowledge or they have access to a wide range of human developmental 
programs offered through the Mission Culture projects found in the 
neighborhoods and communities.

We are in agreement with the statements of the Network in Defense of 
Humanity, when they proclaimed, “we must respect the dignity of the 
people and we urge them to keep their heads held high. Now is not the 
time to allow the muddying of the water of progress, that is being 
besieged by an avalanche of media slander and smear campaigns, to 
prevail. It is however the time for unity, of struggle and for the final 
victory over the sinister designs of imperialism.”

At this crucial moment, Cuban writers and artists evoke the words of 
José Martí at a gathering of Caracas intellectuals on March 21, 1881; 
“thus, armed with love, I come to offer the children of Bolivar a post 
in the militia of peace.”

La Havana, April 3, 2017

Union of Writers and Artist of Cuba

Association Hermanos Saíz
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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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