[News] Statement of Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba on the Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

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Thu Sep 1 11:27:51 EDT 2016


  Statement of Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba on the
  Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

/Havana, August 31, 2016./

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejects 
the parliamentary and judicial coup d’état perpetrated against President 
Dilma Rousseff.

The Government’s estrangement from the President, without presenting any 
evidence of corruption or crimes of responsibility against her, as well 
as from the Workers’ Party (PT) and other left-wing allied political 
forces, is an act of defiance against the sovereign will of the people 
who voted for her.

The governments headed by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff 
implemented a socio-economic model that made it possible for Brazil to 
take a step forward in areas such as production growth with social 
inclusion, the creation of jobs, the fight against poverty, the 
eradication of extreme poverty among more than 35 million Brazilians who 
used to live in inhumane conditions and income increase for another 40 
million; the expansion of opportunities in the areas of education and 
health for the people, including those sectors who had been previously 
marginalized.çDuring this period, Brazil has been an active promoter of 
Latin American and Caribbean integration.  The defeat of the Free Trade 
Agreement of the Americas (FTAA), the celebration of the Latin American 
and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development (CALC) which led to 
the creation of CELAC and foundation of UNASUR are transcendental events 
in the recent history of the region which show the leading role played 
by that country.

Likewise, Brazil’s approach to the Third World nations, particularly 
Africa; its active membership in the BRICS Group (made up by Brazil, 
Russia, India, China and South Africa); and its performance at the 
United Nations Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of 
the United Nations (FAO); and the World Trade Organization, among 
others, are an acknowledgement of its international leadership.

Equally praiseworthy has been Brazil’s performance under the Workers’ 
Party governments in crucial international issues for the defense of 
peace, development, the environment and the programs against hunger.

The efforts made by Lula and Dilma to reform the political system and 
organize the funding of parties and their campaigns as well as in 
support of the investigations started against corruption and the 
independence of the institutions responsible for such investigations are 
too well known.

The forces that are currently exercising power have announced the 
privatization of deep water oil reserves and social programs 
curtailments. Likewise, they are proclaiming a foreign policy focused on 
the relations with the big international centers of power. Quite a few 
among those who are impeaching the President are currently under 
investigation for acts of corruption.

What happened in Brazil is another expression of the offensive of 
imperialism and the oligarchy against the revolutionary and progressive 
governments of Latin America and the Caribbean which threatens peace and 
stability of nations and is contrary to the spirit and the letter of the 
Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, 
signed at the Second CELAC Summit in January, 2014, in Havana by the 
Heads of State and Government of the region.

Cuba reiterates its solidarity with President Dilma and comrade Lula as 
well as with the Worker’s Party, and is confident that the Brazilian 
people will defend the social achievements that have been attained and 
will resolutely oppose the neoliberal policies that others may try to 
impose on them and the plundering of its natural resources.

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