[News] "We will not obey" - Haitian popular movement chants as protests of electoral coup d'etat are marked by police violence.

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Wed Nov 30 10:06:05 EST 2016

*WE WILL NOT OBEY Haitian popular movement chants as protests against 
today's election outcome are marked by police violence.*

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP/KEP) carried out their electoral 
/coup d'etat /giving Martelly's Jovenel Moise a 55% win.

Port-au-Prince working-class neighborhood of Lasalin encircled by the 
Haitian police which is lobbing the community with tear gas since last 
night. Reports are that three children died of suffocation. A number of 
people are being arrested. The police unit CIMO is conducting these 
repressive operations against the population that is protesting these 
blatantly fraudulent elections. Money and food is being stolen from 
households by CIMO police according to radio voices of mothers and 
market women being interviewed.

Despite the murderous gassing, their voices loudly say "Nou Pap Obeyi" 
or "We Will Not Obey".

The victims this morning are an addition to a number of people shot 
yesterday protesting the unfolding electoral coup d'etat.

*Presidential candidate Dr. Maryse Narcisse just stated on the radio 
that Fanmi Lavalas rejects the CEP/KEP results and calls for general 
mobilization against this electoral coup d'etat.*

sent  by Haiti Action Committee

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