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  A Guided Tour of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board

As a service to our readers, here is a guided tour of the Financial 
Control Board that will soon rule over Puerto Rico.

The following photos illustrate the methods and government philosophy, 
that this Control Board will bring to the island.

The door will be a key feature.

*Jíbaro tries to visit the Financial Control Board*

It will be very difficult to open this door.

It will require special knowledge, power, or family connections. The 
surest way of getting in will be through Section 104 (d) of the law 
which created it. This section tells you exactly what gifts you can give 
to the Control Board…because the Board is “authorized to accept gifts, 
money, bequests, devises, real estate, and personal property.”

*You can see this for yourself* *on page 21 of the bill:*


Once you bribe the Board, and get in past the door, you will see 
thousands of people with adding machines. These are the “auditors.” They 
will make sure that everyone pays their 11.5% sales tax, their 300% 
electricity rate, and buys cars and gasoline that cost 35% more than in 
the US.

The auditors will also ensure that the /entire/ $72 billion debt of 
Puerto Rico is paid to the hedge funds, vulture funds, Wall Street 
operators, and San Juan politicians who created it.

*(/See/ pages 23-61, 106-121 of the bill)*

*Auditors ensure that everyone on the island pays…EVERYONE*

If you are politically connected, or have a great deal of money, the 
auditors will not bother you. But if you are a teacher or a bus driver, 
and you don’t pay the full 11.5% sales tax, or if you fall behind with 
your electricity bill, then you’ll be called in for an intervention.

*Financial Control Board provides a free intervention in Guayama*

If any public worker disagrees with the Control Board, or tries to go on 
strike, they can 1) lose their job, 2) lose their pension, and 3) be 
thrown in jail.

*(/See /pages 22-26 of the bill) *

The jail is a special debtor’s prison.

Again: if you are rich, famous or politically well-connected, you have 
nothing to fear…because you will never go to this jail, even if you 
steal billions of dollars from PREPA and make everyone else pay 300% 
electricity rates.

If you are Gov. Luis Fortuño, and “spend” $9 billion of taxpayer dollars 
but can’t remember to whom you paid it, you will still make $2 million a 
year as a partner in Steptoe & Johnson. No jail for you.

But if you sell /piraguas/ in the street, and get caught withholding 
your 11.5% sales tax, you could go to debtor’s prison. The warden in 
there looks like Vincent Price.

*The warden looks like Vincent Price, and he loves his job*

He is not a kind warden.

He hates poor people, but he loves his job…which is to torture all the 
poor prisoners, until they agree to pay the vulture funds every last 
penny that they have.

This may be difficult…because PREPA is preparing to raise the 
electricity rates again, and because the Financial Control Board will 
/reduce/ the minimum wage in Puerto Rico to $4.25 an hour, for 
newly-hired young people up to age 25.

*(/See /pages 75-76 of the bill)*

We hope this brief tour has provided you some helpful information, 
regarding the Financial Control Board which will soon arrive in Puerto Rico.

*For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans 
read the book…*


Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: 

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863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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