[News] UN General Assembly Votes For Raising Palestinian Flag despite aggressive opposition led by the US and Israel

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Fri Sep 11 14:26:57 EDT 2015

  UN General Assembly Votes For Raising Palestinian Flag

author Friday September 11, 2015 *http://www.imemc.org/article/72981*

    The United Nations General Assembly voted, Thursday, in an
    overwhelming majority for raising the Palestinian flag at the United
    Nations, despite aggressive opposition led by the United States and

The UN proposal achieved 119 votes out of the 193 UN member states, 
while only eight countries, headed by the United States and Israel, 
voted against it.

The resolution states that flags of all non-member observer states, 
including Palestine, "shall be raised at the UN headquarters, and United 
Nations offices, followed by flags of member states."

45 countries, including most of the countries of the European Union, 

Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Poland, 
Luxembourg and Belgium, of the European Union, voted for the Palestinian 

Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Austria and Cyprus where among the 
abstaining European countries.

Among world countries that voted in favor of the Palestinians are 
Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Chad, Salvador, Indonesia, Malaysia, 
Mali, Niger, Pakistan and Turkey.

The approved resolution is based on the November 2012 General Assembly 
vote that recognized Palestine as a "nonmember observer state," but did 
not lead to raising the Palestinian flag inside the UN in New York, or 
even on its outside plaza.

Prior to the vote, ambassadors of various countries delivered speeches 
in support of the legitimate Palestinian rights, while the United States 
said it would vote against the resolution.

The U.S. said "the vote against this resolution does not mean the U.S 
ignores the Palestinian rights", according to the American statement.

The resolution states that nonmember states that carry observer statuses 
can have their flags raised in the UN, its offices, and can have 
diplomatic missions at the UN headquarters.

It grants the UN Secretary General twenty days to ensure its 
implementation; Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be visiting the 
UN on September 30.

"This move is symbolic, but it is a step forwards to solidify the 
pillars of the Palestinian State in the international arena," Riyad 
Mansour, permanent Observer for the State of Palestine to the United 
Nations in New York, said.

Mansour added that the move would potentially give the Palestinians some 
hope that the International Community has not abandoned them, and 
supports their legitimate rights of statehood and independence.

"This resolution is like a small candle of hope to the Palestinian 
People," he stated.

The Palestinian official also said the current situation in Palestine is 
gloomy, while the Gaza Strip continues to suffocate under Israeli siege 
and ongoing aggression.
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