[News] New Poll Says 90 Percent of Haitians Suspect Fraud in Recent Elections

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Thu Nov 19 11:50:27 EST 2015

*New Poll Says 90 Percent of Haitians Suspect Fraud in Recent Elections*

November 19, 2015

The government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise will advance to the second 
round of voting with second place candidate Jude Celestin on Dec. 27.

A new poll has been released showing that up to 90 percent of Haitians 
have deep suspicions of the recent elections in the country, according 
to media reports Thursday, while opposition supporters continue to 
protest in the streets, calling the elections a fraud.

The poll was conducted by an independent Brazil-based research group 
called Igarape. The company did two separate polls to measure public 
confidence in the elections. The first on the day of the Oct. 25 
election and the second on Nov. 5, after the preliminary results were 

According to the groups analysis, which will be released Thursday, 
public confidence dropped drastically after the results were announced.

After the first poll, 82 percent of Haitians polled said they agreed 
with the statement, “As far as I can see, this election is fair, there 
is no fraud.”

However, in the second round of polling almost 90 percent of those 
approached said they believed the opposite.

The poll also found that when asked who of the 54 candidates they voted 
for, just over 6 percent of Haitians said they voted for the 
government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise, which would have placed him 
fourth in the running.

However, preliminary results showed that Moise received 33 percent of 
the vote, putting him in first place and allowing him to advance to the 
second round of voting Dec. 27 with the second place candidate Jude 

One of the authors of the report and research director Robert Muggah 
warned that the “very large discrepancy” does not prove that the 
preliminary results are illegitimate, but it does “raise some questions 
about people's perceptions about the credibility of the results."

Opposition supporters have been regularly protesting in the streets 
since the preliminary results were announced Nov. 5, claiming fraud and 
demanding a recount.

These protests continued Wednesday with several thousand marching 
through the capital Port-au-Prince, until they were reportedly dispersed 
by police shooting rubber bullets at the crowd. According to the Miami 
Herald, two of the candidates claimed they were injured by the Haitian 
police during the march, while a third said he was directly threatened 
by the officials.

The Provisional Elections Council, known as CEP, said it has registered 
all of the approximate 300 complaints over electoral fraud and they were 
being taken into serious consideration, according to a communique 
released by the body last week.

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