[News] Israeli Forces Destroy 1, 000 Meter Water Pipe Donated to Yezra

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Thu Jan 29 13:41:04 EST 2015

  Israeli Forces Destroy 1,000 Meter Water Pipe Donated to Yezra

author Thursday January 29, 2015 19:38author by IMEMC News

    Israeli bulldozers, on Thursday, destroyed a water pipe being used
    in connecting the West Tubas district's Atoof village with Khirbet
    Yezra, in the northern Jordan Valley.

Head of Al-Maleh local council, Aaref Daraghmeh, said that the pipe had 
length of 1,000 meters, and was donated by Agricultural Relief to 
provide the residents of Yezra with water, since the area has no water 

According to the PNN, Dr. Hanna Issa, professor and expert on 
international law, strongly condemned the action, saying that occupation 
authorities provide settlers with water, while depriving Palestinians of 
their own sources.

Settlers in the occupied West Bank reportedly get an unlimited supply of 
water amounting to about four times more than Palestinians' consumption 
of water.

Issa added that occupation authorities consume about 80% of the mutual 
water wells, despite the fact that 80-95% of them are located in 
Palestinian areas, pointing out that this is water theft, and in 
contravention of international law.

Issa also stressed that Israel has continuously implemented a policy of 
displacing Palestinians, separating them from homes near water sources.

Israel also prevents Palestinians from digging wells without military 
permission, while giving privilege to all illegal settlers.

Issa reiterated that Israel was an occupying power and had no 
sovereignty to tamper with water sources, according to the fourth Geneva 

He also demanded Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian land, according to 
UN Resolution 242 (1967) and Resolution 338 (1973).

/See also: 01/13/15 PA Signs Environmental Treaties in Response to Gross 
Israeli Violations <http://www.imemc.org/article/70247>/

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