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  40 Years – Viet Nam Victory

April 30, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the victory of the people 
of Viet Nam over the US military. The Vietnamese national liberation 
struggle moved the entire world and is one of the most important 
historical events of the 20th century. In anticipation of this 
anniversary, the Freedom Archives has assembled an in-depth, media 
driven online tribute about the history of Vietnamese resistance to 
imperialism and colonialism. You can view our Viet Nam page *HERE. 

We are also part of the Viet Nam Victory Coalition (VNVC), which is 
organizing a Viet Nam teach-in on Saturday, May 2nd in Oakland at 
MetWest High School – a day of culture, and education to mark the 40th 
anniversary of the US defeat.

*Check out the facebook event for more details! 

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