[News] Report on the Continued Targeting of Palestinian Human Rights Activists by Israeli Forces

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Wed Jan 8 12:06:20 EST 2014

  Addameer Releases Latest Report on the Continued Targeting of
  Palestinian Human Rights Activists by Israeli Forces


/Occupied Ramallah, 7 January 2014 /- Addameer Prisoner Support and 
Human Rights Association are pleased to announce the publication of its 
latest report* */'Courageous Voices, Fragile Freedoms'/*. *

The report examines Israel's increasing use of arrest and detention of 
Palestinian human rights activists taking part in protests and other 
peaceful acts of resistance against the illegal Annexation Wall and 
settlements in the West Bank.
Although the popular resistance that arose in response to the continuing 
construction of the Annexation Wall has been facing acts of repression 
and violence from Israeli forces since regular demonstrations and 
international advocacy initiatives gained momentum in 2005, the report 
shows that beginning in 2009 there was a shift in tactics by the Israeli 
forces that should be viewed in the context of increasing recognition of 
the legitimacy of the actions by the Palestinian human rights activists.
Now in 2013, over ten years since the original construction of the 
Annexation Wall began, Addameer's findings in this report suggest that 
it is precisely because of this international recognition of, and 
support for, the actions of the Palestinian activists that Israel has 
responded with the increasing use of military regulations, which allows 
it to continue its campaign of repression behind the veneer of legal 
This report is part of Addameer's ongoing efforts to support Palestinian 
human rights defenders, whose imprisonment is a deliberate violation of 
their fundamental freedoms and special protections provided under 
international law.
*An electronic version of the report is available at: 
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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