[News] Escalated Attacks by Occupation Forces & Settlers Throughout Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem

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Wed Apr 9 17:34:25 EDT 2014

  Escalated Attacks by Occupation Forces & Settlers Throughout Gaza,
  West Bank and Jerusalem

author Wednesday April 09, 2014 15:09author by Chris Carlson

Lands razed in Negev and to the west of Hebron

Israeli forces, stationed on the borders with the Gaza Strip, on 
Wednesday, opened fire on a residential area adjacent to the borders 
near Khan Yunes, according to media sources.

A WAFA correspondent said that soldiers opened live fire towards homes 
in an area to the east of Khan Yunes. No injuries were reported among 
local residents.

Meanwhile, Israeli army vehicles, tanks and bulldozers continued their 
daily raids and razing of private-owned agricultural areas near the 
borders, amid sporadic gunfire and flying reconnaissance aircrafts over 
the southern parts of the Gaza Strip.

In a related matter, Israeli naval forces in the early morning hours 
opened a hail of gunfire towards Palestinian fishermen's boats off Khan 
Yunes and Rafah, forcing them to head to shore. No injuries were reported.

Also on Wednesday, in the morning, Israeli forces razed 
Palestinian-owned land in Abu al-Zuluf area to the west of Hebron, 
according to an activist.

Forces, backed with bulldozers and heavy machinery 
razed land belonging to residents of Tarqumiyah, a town located to the 
northwest of Hebron, said Head of Taffuh Local Council Mahmoud Zreiqat.

The land is located in Abu al-Zuluf area between Adora, an illegal 
Israeli settlement built on Palestinian-owned land belonging to 
residents of Tarqumiyah, and 'Ayn Far?a, an area that has many springs 
and belong to residents of Dura, noted Zreiqat.

He said that settlers from Adora and Telem, another illegal Israeli 
settlement, installed steel poles and wires in the land, in order to 
seize it as a prelude for expanding the two settlements and connect them 

Residents were able to remove some of the poles and wires, said Mayor of 
Tarqumiyah, Sami Fatafta.

Israeli bulldozers, on Wednesday, demolished several Palestinian Bedouin 
houses in the Negev desert, locals said, according to Ma'an News Agency.

Police vehicles escorted bulldozers across the Negev as they demolished 
a number of structures in villages not recognized by Israeli authorities.

In the village of al-Zaarura, bulldozers demolished two houses belonging 
to the Abu Judah family, witnesses said.

Locals in the village of Kseifa said that bulldozers demolished houses 
and tore down trees.

Demolitions across the Negev are still ongoing, residents told Ma'an 
Wednesday afternoon.

Yesterday, hundreds of Palestinians and activists planted olive trees in 
land threatened with seizure by Israel, in the village of Kherbat Samra 
near Tubas, in the northern Jordan Valley.

The event, which was attended by Tubas governor Rabih al-Khundagji, is 
part of the popular resistance campaign against the Israeli procedures 
of confiscating Palestinian private-owned land for the benefit of 
settlement construction.

Forces attempted to prevent Palestinians from planting the trees but 
residents refused to leave and proceeded to plant hundreds of dunums of 
land with olive trees.

Al-Khundagji said that the continued Israeli attempts to seize the 
Palestinian land and imposition of facts on ground are rejected, 
stressing in the meantime the Palestinian people's right to safeguard 
their land against Israeli takeover by similar means.

In al-Tawani area, to the east of Yatta, in the Hebron district, school 
children were attacked by Israeli settlers, injuring two, according to a 
local activist and police sources.

Coordinator of the Anti-wall and Settlement Popular Committee Rateb 
jabour said that settlers, under the protection of Israeli forces, 
physically attacked students of al-Tawani school and hurled stones at 
them, causing two female children, aged 13, to sustain bruises and wounds.

A press release issued by the Police Public Relations Department stated 
that the two children were severely beaten by Israeli settlers while 
they were outside their house and, as a result, they sustained moderate 
wounds and were taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

Meanwhile, soldiers sealed off the Jerusalem-Hebron road after fires 
broke out in a military watchtower set up at the entrance of Beit Ummar.

Also in Hebron, on Wednesday, WAFA reports that a Palestinian elderly 
was severely attacked and injured by both Israeli settlers and soldiers 
in al-Tawani and Um al-Kahir to the east of Yatta in Hebron district, 
according to an activist.

Forces severely beat 55-year-old Khadra al-Hathalin, causing her to lose 
consciousness and sustain bruises. She was transferred to a hospital for 
treatment, said Coordinator of the Anti-wall and Settlement Popular 
Committee Rateb Jubur.

In Jerusalem, Israeli settlers entered al-Aqsa Mosque, in a provocative 
visit, assaulting and harassing outdoor female students under police 
protection, according to witnesses.

They said that police allowed the entrance of settlers in small groups 
during the early morning hours, provoking worshipers and students who 
chanted religious slogans in protest of the entrance of the extremists 
to the holy site.

Settlers, under police protection, attacked the students and worshipers, 
spit at them while using foul language against them.

Meanwhile, Israeli police, stationed at the gates leading to the mosque, 
continued to impose intensive restrictions on Palestinian worshipers' 
entry to the mosque, especially on youth who are ordered to hand over 
their ID cards to soldiers before they are alowed to enter the mosque.

Furthermore, Israeli forces and police abducted seven people in 
Jerusalem, Hebron and Bethlehem as well as serving notices for the 
demolition of two Palestinian-owned shops, according to reports by local 
and security sources.

Israeli police kidnapped four youth, in Jerusalem, after raiding their 
houses in the Old City, raising the number of overall abductions, in 
Jerusalem, to 14 in less than a month.

Meanwhile in Hebron, the army kidnapped a 16-year-old in the village of 
Tabaqa near Dora, to the west of Hebron. They also took a youth, aged 
28, in Hebron and led him to an unknown destination.

Forces further stormed the nearby village of Deir Samet and served local 
residents with notices to demolish two stores in the area. Meanwhile, 
army forces set military checkpoints at the entrance to several towns in 
Hebron district, checking drivers' and passengers' identity cards and 
causing a traffic jam in the process.

In Bethlehem, occupation forces stormed a home in As-Saf Street, in the 
city, and ordered its owner to take them to the workplace of his 
20-year-old son, where they took him away.

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