[News] What would Israeli occupation look like in Central Park?

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  What would Israeli occupation look like in Central Park?

Submitted by Asa Winstanley on Thu, 10/10/2013 - 12:00


"Uprooted" (click here for full-size image 

(Visualizing Palestine 
Visualizing Palestine 
<http://electronicintifada.net/tags/visualizing-palestine> released this 
new infographic today, highlighting the issue of Israeli destruction of 
Palestinian agricultural land. The group said in a press release:

    This week marked the start of the annual Palestinian olive harvest,
    an ancient tradition on which 80,000 families still rely for their
    livelihoods. Yet these families face growing economic hardship due
    to Israeli land confiscations, access restrictions, settler attacks,
    and not least the widespread uprooting, destruction and theft of the
    trees themselves. The infographic "Uprooted" focuses on the
    staggering fact that Israeli authorities have uprooted over 800,000
    Palestinian olive trees since 1967, the equivalent to razing all of
    the 24,000 trees in New York's central park 33 times. 

This work is part of a series of four the project is releasing as part 
of a month-long funding campaign it launched this week on a 
crowd-funding site. I reported in January 
on the beginnings of Visualizing Palestine, and interviewed Ahmad 
Barclay, who explained their motivation:

    the main driver in what we're doing is, there's not a lack of
    information about Palestine --- that's clearly not the problem. It's
    to do with how that's being disseminated --- like if there's a
    200-page report that explains the situation facing child prisoners
    or whatever under Israeli custody --- that's not going to be read by
    the mainstream public. 

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