[News] Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz - Native Americans and Columbus - Sun, October 13, 4-6PM, 518 Valencia, SF

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Sun Oct 6 14:18:00 EDT 2013

Native Americans and Columbus

Sunday, October 13, 4-6PM, 518 Valencia ST, San Francisco with Green 
Arcade Books providing books for sale.

Join author Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Bill Means to celebrate the new 
edition of the 1977 classic book,/The Great Sioux Nation//: Sitting in 
Judgment on America. /It's the weekend of the shameful official U.S. 
endorsement of genocide, Columbus Day, a good time hear Indigenous voices.

/The Great Sioux Nation/ is the story of the Sioux’s fight to regain 
their land and sovereignty, highlighting the events 
of 1973–74, including the siege of Wounded Knee 40 years ago this year. 
It features pieces by some of the most prominent scholars and Indian 
activists of the twentieth century, including Vine Deloria Jr., Simon 
Ortiz, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, and Henry Crow Dog. It also features 
primary documents and firsthand accounts of the activists’ work and of 
the trial.

“If the moral issues raised by the Sioux people in the federal courtroom 
that cold month of December 1974 spark a recognition among the readers 
of a common destiny of humanity over and above the rules and 
regulations, the codes and statutes, and the power of the establishment 
to enforce its will, then the sacrifice of the Sioux people will not 
have been in vain.”—Vine Deloria Jr.

"The oral history in this book represents some of the 
last documentation from the Lakota point of view, on the 1868 Fort 
Laramie Treaty in these modern times. Almost all of the individuals 
quoted in the book have passed on and their oral history was only one 
generation removed from the actual Treaty signers. The entire hearing in 
front of Judge Urbom was a turning point in US Law, as this was one of 
the few times in history where Lakota interpreters were used in US 
Federal Court to express the meaning of the Fort Laramie 
Treaty from Lakota Peoples to the Judge and the Federal Court. Another 
highlight in this historic book was turning the words of the late Henry 
Crow Dog into poetry which made his wisdom understandable to future 
researchers, Indian and non Indian."

        -Bill Means, Lakota, co-founder, International Indian Treaty Council

All royalties from sales of the book go directly to Defenders of the 
Black Hills, for the work led by Charmaine White Face.

Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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