[News] Israeli Soldiers Destroy Khirbit Makhoul Village For Fourth Time

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Thu Oct 3 10:36:07 EDT 2013

  Soldiers Destroy Khirbit Makhoul Village For Fourth Time

author Thursday October 03, 2013 10:50

    [Thursday October 3, 2013] Israeli soldiers destroyed Khirbit
    Makhoul Bedouin village in the West Bank's Northern Plains area, for
    the fourth time in a row.

Local sources have reported that dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded the 
village, approximately at 2:30 at dawn, and forced the residents out of 
their sheds and tents, and demolished the structures.

The attack comes two days after the residents rebuilt their structures, 
and installed tents, after the army demolished them in a previous attack.

Soldiers also drove one of their armored vehicles through a shed that 
was installed just two days ago after the army destroyed the village for 
the third time on Monday at dawn [September 30].

The tents that have been removed, and the structures, were donated by 
international human rights organizations a few days ago.

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Israel does not recognize dozens of small villages, Bedouin tribes, in 
the Northern Plains areas of the West Bank, and near occupied East 
Jerusalem, as well as near Hebron and other areas.

With no services, no recognition from the occupation, those villages 
have been repeatedly demolished, and removed, and the residents are 
frequently displaced due to Israel's ongoing violations.

Bedouin villages in the Negev are also subject to such frequent attacks 
and violations, as dozens of small villages have been uprooted and 
demolished, some tribes have been displaced and their shelters removed 
hundreds of times.

Hundreds of similar attacks targeted Bedouins in the Negev, who live in 
villages unrecognized by Israel, and are subject to frequent 
displacement and ongoing assaults.

Around 70,000 Arab Bedouin -- whose presence in the Negev dates to the 
seventh century -- live in 35 villages that either predate the 
establishment of the state of Israel in historic Palestine in 1948.

These villages are not recognized by Israel, and the inhabitants are 
considered trespassers. Basic services have been withheld from these 
villages, and thousands of houses have been demolished since 2011.

Palestinian Bedouins have faced decades of repression and forced removal 
by Israeli authorities because of this refusal to recognize their 
legitimate claim to continue to live on their ancestral land.

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