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Tue Nov 26 12:40:19 EST 2013

    PCHR Publishes Report on the Gender-Specific Consequences of
    'Operation Pillar of Defense'

    Published on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:05


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) published Tuesday a 
report entitled "Through Women's Eyes," which focuses on the 
gender-specific implications and consequences of 'Operation Pillar of 
Defense,' an 8-day attack by Israeli forces on the beseiged Gaza Strip 
during Novemeber 2012. The report was published in English 
<http://www.pchrgaza.org/files/2013/PCHR-throggh%20womesns%20eyes%202.pdf> and 
will be translated and published into Arabic in the coming weeks.

A press release about the report states that as a result of the Israeli 
offensive, 14 women were killed and at least 92 others were wounded. 
Although the number of killings and injuries illustrates the serious 
humanitarian dimension of this conflict, the true extent of the 
suffering lies in the daily life in the Gaza Strip following 'Operation 
Pillar of Defense.' Civilians continue to struggle to rebuild their 
lives, cope with their loss and restore some semblance of human dignity, 
shows the report.

PCHR issued this report 
<http://www.pchrgaza.org/files/2013/PCHR-throggh%20womesns%20eyes%202.pdf> in 
order to highlight the gender-specific impacts of 'Operation Pillar of 
Defense.'  Due to the patriarchal nature of Palestinian society, women 
in the Gaza Strip are particularly susceptible to the marginalization, 
poverty, and suffering brought by the occupation and armed 
conflict.  Israeli attacks often result in gender-specific consequences 
that are mostly ignored, despite their seriousness. PCHR chose to allow 
these consequences and the reality of life after the offensive to be 
unfolded through the victims' words.   Although this report is not 
prepared from the perspective of the international law, it is suitable 
to express human rights and human suffering through human stories.

The report focuses on 12 women affected by Israeli attacks over the 
course of 'Operation Pillar of Defense.' Their stories are intended to 
demonstrate the extent of civilians' suffering in the Gaza Strip and the 
continuing difficulties they face due to the devastation caused by the 
Israeli forces and the ongoing illegal closure.

"Through Women's Eyes 
highlights the difficulties women in the Gaza Strip face as they attempt 
to live with their grief, injuries and the loss of their children, 
husbands, relatives, homes, and livelihoods. These narratives are 
expressive not only the tribulations faced by women in the Gaza Strip, 
but also of the resilience and strength they have shown over 42 years of 
conflict and occupation.

It is worth mentioning that PCHR's first "Through Women's Eyes" report 
was released on 28 September 2009.  It addressed the gender-specific 
impacts and consequences of 'Operation Cast Lead,' during which 118 
women were killed and 825 others were wounded.


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