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Fall 2013

Dear Friends:*

This coming year will mark the 14th year of the formal existence of the 
Freedom Archives!

This past year has been filled with exciting activity. Thanks to you --- 
and solely to you --- we've grown in a steady way to become a 
well-established, widely-known, and highly-respected organization.

*2013 Highlights!*

*Chile Solidarity*. We are still glowing with the warm feelings from an 
event held on September 11th that spanned so many years commemorating 
the 40th anniversary of the fascist coup in Chile and the worldwide 
solidarity movements that grew from it. The event took place at La Peña 
in Berkeley, a community institution and gathering place that grew from 
that worldwide wave. We premiered a video with renowned Chilean author 
Isabel Allende, along with some moving poetry and powerful music. The 
video can be seen on our website (www.freedomarchives.org) in both 
English and Spanish.

As the event ended, a young woman who had never attended one of our 
events told us how she found the feelings of love, solidarity, and human 
connection that filled the room quite palpable. What she sensed was the 
longtime and now renewed connection between people who have contributed 
to our large media collections, our historical solidarity work with 
Latin American and Caribbean movements in the US, and the 
Chican@/Mexican@ movements.

*New Video Planned.* Inspired by this connection, and building upon our 
widely-used educational film, Cointelpro 101, we've realized that the 
vicious repression of that time against the Chican@ movement is barely 
referenced in any academic literature. Since it's hardly known about 
even by many longtime progressive activists, we're planning to begin 
shooting a video next May that will focus on the student martyrs of the 
Chican@ movement and their importance. We will share more about this 
film in our next letter!

*Herman Bell.* This year we completed a video about long-time political 
prisoner Herman Bell featuring actor Danny Glover and members of 
Herman's family, including moving footage from his two granddaughters. 
As a member of the Black Panther Party and more recently the San 
Francisco 8, he has been imprisoned since 1973 and is now parole 
eligible. This video was central to his launching of a new website at: 
http://www.freehermanbell.org and will help build support for his parole 
campaign this coming February, 2014. Please support Herman by checking 
out his website.

*Until All Are Free We Are All Imprisoned.* For the 47th anniversary 
event of the Black Panther Party, held in Santa Rosa in October, the 
Archives put together a booklet with messages from former Panthers still 
imprisoned; many subjected to tortuous conditions, including enduring 
many years of solitary confinement. That booklet can also be found on 
our blogsite.

*New Customized Search Engine.* We launched an innovative website of 
rare historical documents, as well as audio and video materials, as a 
customized search engine on our website: www.search.freedomarchives.org. 
Along with a general search feature, this technology allows a less 
academic and more user-friendly exploration of our materials---it is 
media-sample-driven to encourage younger generations to explore our many 
social justice collections.

*Our New Book.* Along with print publication of /*Out of Control - A 
Fifteen Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons*/ by Nancy Kurshan, we 
constructed a web-version of the book --- with links to documents, 
photographs, videos and audio materials that deepen and amplify the text 
This history is at the root of the recent upsurge and expansion of 
hunger strikes in the Georgia, Ohio, and California prisons.

We sent free copies of the printed book to prisoners throughout the US, 
in particular to leaders of the historic California Prison Hunger 
Strike. During recent legal visits, many prisoners spoke of the book's 
usefulness and inspirational impact. Because of our commitment to prison 
justice work, we continue to play an active role with the Prison Hunger 
Strike Solidarity Coalition's media committee, writing articles, press 
releases, and op-eds, and documenting solidarity mobilizations outside 
So, as you can tell, we've been busy! But don't worry, that hasn't 
stopped the flow of new projects and ideas brewing for the future. We 
welcome your suggestions and deeply appreciate your contributions. This 
end of the year funding appeal is an essential component of our 
financial planning --- so please give generously.

You can use the return envelope and send us a check or give on line with 
a one-time donation or by becoming a monthly donor. Many thanks and 
please give generously!

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PS--- If you live in the Bay Area you can also benefit the Freedom 
Archives by taking your second-hand items to Community Thrift, 623 
Valencia St. in San Francisco. Your donations not only support this 
non-profit thrift store, but also our work. Mention the Freedom Archives 
when you drop off your items!
Freedom Archives 522 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415 
863.9977 www.freedomarchives.org
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