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Fri Nov 15 20:02:43 EST 2013

*Stand up for the TRUTH about Haiti!*

*Prime Minister Lamothe & Sean Penn do NOT Speak for the Haitian Majority*

*Protest the Lies about Haiti in SF*

*TUESDAY, Nov. 19 – 1:30 PM*

*Yerba Buena Gardens – San Francisco*

*(Meeting near 3^rd St. and Mission St.)*

** Stay posted for an updated meeting place *

On Tuesday, November 19 in San Francisco, Haitian Prime Minister Laurent 
Lamothe and actor Sean Penn (named “Ambassador at Large for Haiti”by 
Michel Martelly), will spread the /false /message of the fraudulent 
Martelly government. Join Haiti Action Committee to protest against 
these lies, as well the corruption and repression of the 
Martelly/Lamothe government.

The people of Haiti are still in the midst of an occupation instigated 
by the United States and United Nations in 2004. As supporters of the 
Martelly government, which is in the process of bringing back 
dictatorship to Haiti, Prime Minister Lamothe and actor Sean Penn DO NOT 
speak in the interests of the Haitian majority.

*Come stand in solidarity with the Haitian grassroots*, who will be 
demonstrating the day before in Haiti, on the 210^th anniversary of the 
Battle of Vertières (one of the last battles that sealed the victory of 
the Haitian Revolution).

*Come stand in solidarity, in echo of the demands of the Haitian majority*:

    * To protest the CORRUPTION and ILLEGALITY of the Martelly/Lamothe
    * To protest the government’s widespread repression of the poor.
    * To protest the INJUSTICE of the nearly 10-year-old US/UN
      occupation and the suffering it inflicts on the Haitian people.
    * *To support the right of the Haitian majority to fully participate
      in the running of their country, FREE from repression and terror*.
    * *To support the right of Haitian children, women, and men, to have
      free access to education, food, jobs, housing, and healthcare*.

Read _*Ten Steps to Dictatorship: Why the Grassroots Movement in 
Haiti is Taking to the Streets Against President Michel Martelly 
<http://sfbayview.com/2013/10-steps-to-dictatorship-why-the-grassroots-movement-in-haiti-is-taking-to-the-streets-against-president-michel-martelly/>*_ by 
Charlie Hinton

*This shameful event is part of the Dreamforce Conference, an annual 
event of the cloud computing company Salesforce.com.
Haiti Action Committee - 21 years in solidarity with the people of Haiti
www.haitisolidarity.net <http://www.haitisolidarity.net> and on FACEBOOK

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