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Weekend Edition November 8-10, 2013

*Lessons from the Kidnapping of Abu Anas al-Libi in Tripoli*

  Counter-Terrorism and Imperial Hypocrisy



The information that Abu Anas al-Libi is now facing trial on charges of 
terrorism in New York enlarges the story of the terrorism and hypocrisy 
of the Global War on Terror that is being fought by the United States 
along with its pliant allies in Europe and the Gulf Corporation Council 
(GCC). Abu Anas al Libi also known as Nazih Abdul Hamed al Ruqai was 
snatched from the streets of Tripoli on October 5. The western media 
made much ado about the capture of the so called 'high value target,' 
but the history of the collaboration between the organizations 
represented by this person, and the intelligence services of the NATO 
militarists exposes the ways in which the selective use of 
counter-terror activities has been used by the western military forces 
to maintain the so called War on Terror. In our submission, we again 
reflect on the destruction of Libya by the NATO forces and restate the 
call for the Security Council of the United Nations to carry out a 
thorough audit of the NATO operations in Libya and the aftermath that 
has brought destruction and 1700 militias making life unbearable for 
ordinary Libyans. It will also be important for progressives 
internationally to demand the information on the relationships between 
the 'terrorists' and the various western military and intelligence agencies.

*Who is Abu Anas al Libi?*

 From the major news outlets such as CNN, Abu Anas al Libi is an alleged 
al Qaeda operative who is now accused before the Federal Court of New 
York of playing a role in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and 
Tanzania. He pleaded not guilty Tuesday October 22, 2013 to terrorism 
charges. Peace activists from all parts of the world will be following 
this case very closely because what the media has not disclosed to the 
majority of US citizens is the fact that for more than two decades this 
so called terrorists had been known to the British to the point of being 
part of elements supported by British intelligence forces to assassinate 
Col. Muamar Gaddafi. It is from the conservative British newspaper, /The 
Telegraph/, where we can read the details of howt al-Libi was a member 
of a "Libyan al-Qaeda cell that received hundreds of thousands of pounds 
from British intelligence to assassinate Gaddafi in an ultimately 
unsuccessful plot 
Those with a very short memory will not remember that the obscure 
Islamic extremists such as Osama Bin Laden had been recruited by the 
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Cold War era. This 
anti-communist agenda had drawn the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt into 
close collaboration with the CIA and it was the infrastructure of this 
global force of cold warriors  that was mobilized internationally 
against socialism. Those forces that later came to be called Al Queda 
were trained and armed by the CIA in the same way that they trained and 
armed the deadly Contras to kill and main innocent civilians in Central 
America, The more than US $50 billion that had been poured into this 
anti-communist war by the United States and Saudi Arabia ensured Osama 
Bin Laden learned the tricks of the trade of recruitment, surveillance 
and propaganda. Two French journalists with inside information on the 
anti-communist collaboration had written the book/, Forbidden Truth: 
U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search 
for bin Laden./ There are other books such as that by Jason Burke on, 
/Al-Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam/ . According to the British 
press, Al Liby had been part of the group of young Libyans around Osama 
Bin Laden. For the West, these young Libyans were being monitored and 
kept in close range in preparation for another alliance between the 
western intelligence agencies and those who were plotting inside Libya 
to kill Muamar Gaddafi.

In the early nineties as the British and North American forces plotted 
against Libya, al-Liby was granted political asylum in the United 
Kingdom, and took up residence in Manchester. From the various press 
reports we learned that while in the UK, he honed his photographic and 
computer skills.

*The twists and turns of western Intelligence agencies*

How could Al Liby be arrested by the British Scotland Yard in 1999 after 
the Nairobi Bombings in 1998 and then released? The answer lay in the 
fact that in 1999 the goal of killing Gaddafi was a higher priority than 
the killing of innocent Africans in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. In 2002, 
it was revealed that six years earlier al-Liby had been a key figure in 
a Libyan Islamic Fighting Group cell that was paid large sums of money 
by the British intelligence service, MI6, for an abortive plot to 
assassinate Gaddafi.

The Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) was one of the many "terrorist" 
organizations that had been working with western Intelligence agencies 
and this work came out in full during the NATO intervention to destroy 
Libyan society. Al Liby had been included on the FBI's most wanted 
terrorists list which was introduced shortly after the attacks of 
September 11, 2001, and a US $5 million dollar reward had been placed on 
his head. Yet, before and after the NATO intervention the West made no 
moves to apprehend this "terrorist" who had "fled" Britain in 1999 after 
he had been released by Scotland Yard.

It is now becoming public knowledge  that the Western Intelligence 
agencies have a full dossier of their former collaborators who they roll 
out from time to time as masterminds behind this or that terrorist 
attack. In June, 2011 when Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was killed in a road 
block in Somalia, the western counter terrorism spin doctors wrote many 
stories about how Fazuk had been the mastermind of the 1998 bombings of 
U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. At that moment the spin had been 
that there was an alliance between Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda, but there 
was never clarity on the interpenetration between the forces of Al Qaeda 
and the networks of fighters who were being recruited by the West to 
Fight in Syria. This week we have now learnt from the /Daily Nation/ 
of Kenya that Western intelligence agencies worked with the man 
suspected of masterminding the Westgate mall attack, a former informant 
for the CIA and the Danish intelligence service has claimed.

Given the revelations of Edward Snowden on the NSA capabilities, many 
peace loving activists will remain skeptical when the West effuse to 
acknowledge that they have information on the so called 'terrorists. 
Just as AlLiby was abducted from the streets of Libya we are told by the 
news media that Ikrima was the target of the unsuccessful raid by US 
Navy Seals last month on an Al-Shabaab compound at Barawe in Somalia. We 
were also informed that"The terrorist escaped."

*From the NATO Intervention to the Westgate Bombings in Kenya*

The NATO forces had collaborated with the "terrorists" in Libya to 
destroy Libya and to assassinate Gaddafi. Despite the announcement of 
the 'success' of the mission, Libya has been plunged into perpetual 
warfare, with rival militias wreaking havoc on innocent civilians. This 
mayhem suited the Western intelligence forces who were recruiting 
Islamic extremists from Libya to fight in Syria. The extent of the 
collaboration came out in the aftermath of the killing of Ambassador J. 
Christopher Stevens on September 11, 2012, but even with the debacle of 
the exposure of the CIA in Libya, the media continued to use the bogey 
of terrorism to maintain high disbursements of funds to the Pentagon and 
intelligence services. With every passing day there are exposures on how 
the information management system of the corporate media work to 
obfuscate the real story of what happened in Benghazi. The ongoing saga 
of CBS News and 60 minutes over the veracity of the book about the 
/Embassy House/, is only the latest struggles over the information on 
what happened in Libya on the day Christopher Stevens and others were 
killed in the CIA compound that was then called a diplomatic facility.

Just when citizens of the West were focusing on the devastation of the 
current economic crisis, high unemployment and decent health care, the 
attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya brought back the rhetoric 
of counter-terrorism to the front pages of newspapers. That Al Shabaab 
has claimed responsibility for this attack compounds the murky world of 
the individuals and organizations that can travel around the world with 
resources only to be told after the act that the west knew of these 
individuals as terrorists. From the description in the media of the 
individuals involved, there is very little room to believe much of what 
has been produced in the media so far.  Less than three weeks after the 
Westgate bombings, Al Liby was snatched from his home in Tripoli by US 
Navy Seals. Days after the kidnapping of Al Liby in Tripoli, the Prime 
Minister of Libya, Ali Zeidan was himself kidnapped.

Released a few hours later, Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said his 
brief kidnap was an "attempted coup," blaming his political opponents 
for the attack. In a TV address to the people of Libya, he said an 
unnamed political party in the congress was behind the abduction.

These twists and turn in the sad story of the manipulation of terrorism 
in Libya is only compounded by the fact that the people of Libya face 
real terror from the militias that now control Libya.

*The United Nations must rein in the western sponsors and supporters of 
terror and counter terror*

In our study of the Catastrophic failure of NATO in Libya 
<http://monthlyreview.org/press/books/pb4123/>, we joined with the peace 
forces around the world that called for a full investigation of the NATO 
operations and the aftermath in Libya. Two years after NATO announced 
that they had completed a "successful" mission, the kidnapping and 
abduction of the Prime Minister exposed the reality that the "elected 
government" does not really control much of the country. The armed 
groups that had been financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and western 
intelligence agencies to destroy Libya still operate with impunity.

The so called government of Libya has been incapable of mediating the 
contending rivalries between the West and the proxies of Qatar, Saudi 
Arabia and Turkey in Libya. With financial and other forms of support 
from outside, the so called government of Libya has been unable to 
disarm the more than 1700 militias.

It is in Benghazi where the mischief by internal and external forces is 
most intense. In that part of the country, imperial forces are bent on 
maintaining insecurity in anticipation of the moment when the Egyptian 
revolution changes course and there is need for another base for counter 
revolution. This alliance with external intelligence forces has 
emboldened the militias in Benghazi who have blockaded the ports and oil 
terminals over the past month, severely restricting exports of Libya's 
major foreign currency earner, which mostly comes from the region.

War on Terror must cease and the links between extremists and the 
western intelligence services must be exposed.

The Kidnapping of Al Liby from Libya has brought back attention to the 
world that was created by the western intelligence agencies to fight in 
the Reagan era. Details of the /Forbidden Truth/ should become every day 
knowledge so that never again the intelligence agencies can manipulate 
groups to create as much destruction as they have done over the past 
thirty years. The machinations of the West in their dealing with these 
extremists are clearly exposed in the full history of Al Liby who we now 
know belonged to elements in the pay of the British intelligence 
services. These elements have now used massive resources from 
conservative forces in the Gulf to spread mayhem in Africa. Whatever 
their origins, these extremists have created havoc in Northern Nigeria 
and in Somalia. Peace activists must intensify their efforts to expose 
the history of Al Liby and equally to unearth and expose the forces in 
the West, Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are financing extremists in Africa.

/*Horace G .Campbell*, a veteran Pan Africanist is a Visiting Professor 
in the School of International Relations, Tsinghua University, 
Beijing.  He is the author of Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure 
in Libya 
Monthly Review Press, 2013.

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