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*Document Evidences Destabilization Plan Against Venezuela *

During the past few months, the Venezuelan government led by President 
Nicolas Maduro has denounced multiple incidents of sabotage against the 
country's electrical infrastructure along with an ongoing campaign to 
undermine the nation's economy. A majority of international media, 
together with private media in Venezuela, have ridiculed the Venezuelan 
President's accusations, and have instead attempted to pin 
responsibility on the government for the instability and harm caused to 
the country by these actions. Nevertheless, an internal document 
authored by three organizations from Colombia and the United States, 
evidences a sinister plan against the Venezuelan state to provoke 
violence -- even death -- with the intention of justifying an 
international intervention in anticipation of municipal elections 
scheduled for next December 8.

The document, titled "Strategic Venezuelan Plan", was prepared by the 
Democratic Internationalism Foundation (http://fidauv.org 
<http://fidauv.org/>), headed by ex Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, 
together with the First Colombia Think Tank 
<http://www.pensamientocolombia.org/>) and the US Consulting firm, FTI 
Consulting (http://www.fticonsulting.com 
<http://www.fticonsulting.com/>). Dated June 13, 2013, the plan was 
developed during a meeting between representatives from these three 
organizations, leaders of the Venezuelan opposicion, including Maria 
Corina Machado, Julio Borges and Ramon Guillermo Avelado, expert in 
psychological operations J.J. Rendon and the Director of the US Agency 
for International Development (USAID) for Latin America, Mark Feierstein.

The strategic plan to destabilize Venezuela has the primary goal of 
debilitating the government before the December 8 municipal elections, 
as revealed in the document: "The objectives put forth in the present 
plan are essentially geared towards the municipal elections set for 
December 8, while at the same time including the accelerated 
deterioration of the government, facilitating an opposition victory for 
this event..." Though the text states further, "...but if it could be 
done beforehand, that would be even better".

The document also details the strategy to sabotage the electrical system 
in Venezuela, with the objective of blaming the government for a weak 
infrastructure and therefore projecting an image of crisis in Venezuela 
on an international level. As part of the plan, the authors propose, "To 
maintain and increase the sabotages that affect public services, 
particularly the electrical system, that will enable responsibility to 
be placed on the government for supposed inefficiencies and negligence". 
For the past few months, blackouts and other electrical shortages have 
affected different regions throughout Venezuela, causing general 
discontent and reflecting negatively on the government. Just weeks ago, 
Venezuelan authorities detained various individuals involved in 
sabotaging the electrical system and at the end of September, President 
Maduro expelled three US diplomats from the US Embassy in Caracas for 
their alleged role in destabilization plans against the state.

In the section labeled "Actions", the authors of the document detail 
their next steps to undermine the Venezuelan government. In addition to 
"Perfecting the confrontational discourse of Henrique Capriles", the 
opposition candidate who lost to Maduro in April's presidential 
elections, they also talk of "Generating emotion with short messages 
that reach the largest quantity of people and emphasize social problems, 
provoking social discontent. Increase problems with supply of basic 
consumer products".

Throughout the year, Venezuela has experienced problems with the supply 
of basic products, such as toilet paper, sugar, milk, oil, butter, flour 
and other food staples. Venezuelan authorities have confiscated tons of 
these products illegally held inside warehouses belonging to opposition 
businesses. They have also captured large quantities of these items on 
the border with Colombia, where they are sold as contraband.

According to the document, "The Strategic Venezuelan Plan, agreed upon 
by representatives from the opposition to the government of Nicolas 
Maduro, is oriented towards these objectives with the strong and 
constant support of various world figures who aim to return Venezuela to 
the true democracy and independence, which has been kidnapped for more 
than 14 years".

During the 14 years of President Hugo Chavez's democratic governance, 
threats against his administration were abundant and destabilization 
plans never ceased. After the failure of the 2002 coup d'etat against 
Chavez, which was defeated by his millions of supporters and was 
organized by the US government, there were numerous attempts to oust him 
through economic sabotages, electoral interventions, assassination 
plots, psychological warfare, multimillion-dollar funding to opposition 
groups from US agencies and a plan to isolate Venezuela on an 
international level, that never had success.

One of the most visible faces of attempts to subvert Chavez's government 
was ex Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. The former Colombian head of 
state ended his presidency in 2010 calling for international 
intervention in Venezuela in order to destroy Chavez and his Bolivarian 
Revolution. Uribe has dedicated himself since then to difame Chavez and 
his legacy, as well as strengthen his ties to anti-Chavez groups inside 
and outside Venezuela.

The death of Preisdent Chavez in March 2013 didn't stop Uribe from 
continuing his actions against Venezuela. With the election of Nicolas 
Maduro to the presidency and the continuation of the socialist process 
initiated by Chavez, Uribe has mantained his agressive agenda against 

Now this internal document, a product of a meeting between the extreme 
right-wing in Colombia and Venezuela, together with representatives from 
the US government, proves the active destabilization plans against Maduro.

As part of this dangerous plot against Venezuela, the authors propose to 
"Create situations of crisis in the streets that will facilitate US 
intervention, as well as NATO forces, with the support of the Colombian 
government. Whenever possible, the violence should result in deaths or 

Venezuelans, representatives of the opposition, are working together 
with foreign interests to generate deaths of innocent citizens in their 
own country, with the objective of justifying a military invasion in 
their nation. This represents a grave threat -- and a vile crime -- 
against the sovereignty of Venezuela.

Furthermore, in addition to promoting an international campaign to 
marginalize, discredit and tarnish the Maduro government, the document 
recommends "a military insurrection" against the Venezuelan state. They 
propose, "contacting active military groups and those in retirement to 
amplify the campaign to discredit the government inside the Armed 
Forces...It's vital to prepare military forces so that during a scenario 
of crisis and social conflict, they lead an insurrection against the 
government, or at least support a foreign intervention or civil uprising".

This document evidences and confirms the veracity -- and the severity -- 
of the accusations made by President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela is under 
attack, as it has been throughout the past 14 years since the beginning 
of the Bolivarian Revolution and the recovery of Venezuela's 
sovereignty, independence and dignity. Let us not forget that Venezuela 
has the largest oil reserves on the planet. The powerful interests that 
seek control of those resources will not stop until they attain their 

T/ Eva Golinger

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