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*Demonstrations in Gaza against Obama's visit*

Published yesterday (updated) 21/03/2013 09:39

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Palestinian protesters on Wednesday torched photos 
of US President Barack Obama and US flags in front of office of the UN 
High Commissioner for Human Rights in Gaza City.

The protest started as dozens marched from the Unknown Soldier statue 
toward the UN office waving Palestinian flags. Representatives of 
nationalist and Islamic factions joined the rally. The protesters 
chanted slogans against Obama's visit to the region.

"We are out here today to say enough to the ongoing pressure on the 
Palestinian people and the leadership of the Palestinian Authority 
seeking to impose a unilateral settlement, and US preconditions forcing 
the PA to make more concessions," said senior leader of the Islamic 
Jihad movement Khalid al-Batsh.

Obama's visit, he added, does not serve the Palestinian people's 
interests, but rather support the idea of a Jewish state, and maintains 
Israel's military superiority.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Obama's visit "is not welcomed 
because it means giving legitimacy to occupation and showing US 
political support at the expense of Palestinian rights."

Prominent leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 
Jamil Muzhir pointed out to a Palestinian consensus on opposing Obama's 
visit to the region "as the visit will bring nothing new to the 
Palestinian people."

"Obama will try to exert pressure on the Palestinian president to get 
him to resume US-backed negotiations."

Several other leaders of Palestinian factions delivered speeches during 
the rally highlighting that Obama continues to side with Israel. "He 
will never be nonpartisan in his approach to the question of Palestine," 
said Walid Al-Awad, a senior leader in the Palestinian People's Party.
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