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*Statement of the Revolutionary Government: Farewell, Commander.*

It was with profound and searing grief that our people and the 
Revolutionary Government learned about the decease of President Hugo 
Chávez Frías and are therefore preparing to pay a heartfelt and 
patriotic tribute to him, for he will go down in history as a Hero of 
Our America.

We convey our sincere condolences to his parents, brothers, daughters 
and son as well as all of his relatives, whom we feel are already ours, 
for Chávez is also a son of Cuba, Latin America, the Caribbean and the 
whole world.

In this moment of profound sorrow, we share our deepest feelings of 
solidarity with the brother people of Venezuela, whom we will continue 
to accompany under any circumstances.

The Bolivarian Revolution will be able to count on our resolute and 
unrestricted support at these difficult moments.

We reiterate our support, encouragement and confidence in victory to our 
comrades of the Bolivarian political and military leadership and the 
Venezuelan Government.

President Chávez has been waging an extraordinary battle throughout his 
young and fruitful life.  We will always remember him as a patriotic 
military to the service of Venezuela and the Bigger Homeland; as an 
honest, clear-sighted, audacious and courageous revolutionary fighter; 
as a leader and supreme commander in whom Bolivar reincarnated in order 
to conclude what he had left unfinished; as the founder of the 
Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America and the Community of 
Latin America and Caribbean States.

His heroic and indefatigable struggle against death is an insuperable 
example of firmness.  The admirable commitment shown by his doctors and 
nurses have been a feat of humanism and dedication.

The return of the President to his beloved Venezuelan homeland changed 
the course of history.  "We have a homeland", he exclaimed, filled with 
emotion, on December 8 last, and he returned to his homeland to confront 
the biggest risks imposed by his disease. Nothing and no one could ever 
take away from the Venezuelan people the homeland that they have recovered.

The work of Chávez emerges undefeated before our eyes.  The achievements 
attained by the revolutionary people who saved him from the coup 
orchestrated on April of 2002, who have followed him without 
hesitations, are already irreversible.

The Cuban people considers him to be one of its most outstanding sons 
and has admired, followed and loved him as if he were its own. Chávez is 
also Cuban! He also suffered our difficulties and problems and did 
everything he could, with extraordinary generosity, especially during 
the harshest years of the Special Period.  He accompanied Fidel as a 
true son and forged a very close friendship with Raúl.

He excelled in all the international battles against imperialism, always 
in defense of the poor, the workers and our peoples.  Filled with 
passion, persuasively, eloquently, ingeniously and excitedly he spoke 
from the roots of the peoples; he sang our joys and recited our 
passionate verses with ever-lasting heroism.

The tens of thousands of Cubans who work in Venezuela will pay tribute 
to him through the fervent accomplishment of the international duty and 
will continue to accompany, with honor and altruism, the heroic deeds of 
the Bolivarian people.

Cuba will remain forever loyal to the memory and the legacy of Commander 
President Chávez and will continue to pursue his ideals in favor of the 
unity of the revolutionary, integration and independence forces of Our 

His example will guide us in our future battles.

*Ever Onwards to Victory!*

*March 5, 2013*

Permanent Mission  of Cuba to the  United Nations

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