[News] Sun Oct 7: SF Rally for Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people

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Fri Oct 5 10:55:49 EDT 2012

*On the Day of Venezuela's elections: Celebrating the popular left 
movements** in Latin America

*/SUNDAY, OCT. 7, 2-4 PM,
24th & Mission Sts., San Francisco/*/

On Sunday, October 7th, historic presidential elections in Venezuela 
will take place, with all polls showing that President Hugo Chávez is 
ahead. However, with the U.S. financing opposition groups, who support 
rightwing candidate Henrique Capriles, the progressive community of the 
Bay Area must be on the alert.

In spite of enormous difficulties and threats by the right wing and 
counterrevolutionaries of Venezuela and the U.S. State Department, 
Venezuela under the leadership of Chávez has managed to become a 
fundamental base for the development of the left in all of the Americas, 
and progress for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Join us in a spirited rally at 24th St. and Mission, this Sunday, 2 pm 
to 4 pm, to celebrate the accomplishments of the peoples in the 
Americas, and to show our support for Hugo Chávez and the Venezuelan 
people in their Bolivarian revolutionary process. And stay tuned for any 
possible developments in the coming days.

Initiated by: B.A.L.A.S.C
Sunday, October 7, 2-4pm, 24 and Mission, San Francisco
Call: 415-821-6545 <tel:415-821-6545>

Supported by: FMLN-NorCA, Task Force on the Americas, School of the 
Americas Watch, Haiti Action Committee, ANSWER Coalition, Hondureños en 
Resistencia-NorCA, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.
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