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*USA and Israel Sign War-Deal*


/Israel spends American money designing expensive toys, but buys from 
the USA the cheapest available goods/

The Deal

On December 10, 2012, the Pentagon notified Congress that a substantial 
weapons deal has been agreed between the USA and Israel. The latter 
needs to refill its depleted arsenal after the brutal Operation Pillar 
of Cloud <http://www.roitov.com/index.htm#pillarofcloud>. During it, the 
Israeli Air Force made over 1,500 attacks on Gaza with precision 
American weapons. Israel will buy 6,900 bombs and GPS-guided tail kits, 
called Joint Direct Attack Munitions, which are built by Boeing. The 
latter will provide also 3,450 Small Diameter Bombs. Overall, the deal 
amounts to a $647 million sale and includes a broad array of bombs 
ranging from 250 pounds to 2,000 pounds. Other participating contractors 
are KDI Precision Products, ATK, Kaman Dayron, Lockheed Martin Missile 
and Fire Control, General Dynamics, Elwood National Forge, and Raytheon 
Missile Systems.

The Background

In cumulative terms, Israel has received more American military 
assistance than any other country. Moreover, unlike other countries that 
receive military aid and are required to spend the money in the USA, 
Israel spends 25% on its domestic military projects, mainly its 
antimissile systems. 
<http://www.roitov.com/articles/irondomepillarofcloud.htm> Between 1987 
and 2001, the USA provided an average of $1.8 billion annually in the 
form of Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Financing and funds to 
support research and development. In January 2001, a bilateral 
memorandum of understanding was signed, and the aid was increased to 
$2.4 billion annually while the $1.2 billion of economic aid would be 
eliminated. This was done by increasing by $60 million per year of the 
defense aid while the economic aid was decreased by $120 million per year.

In 2007, the aid was increased again to an average of $3 billion per 
year for the following ten-year period (starting at $2.550 billion for 
2008, growing by $150 million each year). The package started in October 
2008, when the economic aid to Israel ended. Former U.S. President 
George W. Bush assured Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the U.S. 
would help keep a "qualitative advantage" to Israel over other nations 
in the region. This is the basis for sporadic aid given from time to 
time, mainly to the abovementioned antimissiles program.

The Cheat

The expenses of Israel during the operation were astonishing; its 
Ministry of Defense published in local media that the attacks on Gaza 
cost $400 million per day. The antimissiles used weren't cheap, 
beginning at $50,000 per unit. They were designed to destroy missiles 
that cost less than $100 per unit. The system is still being developed 
and has proven not being remarkably accurate 
<http://www.roitov.com/articles/29.htm>. The IDF answer to the problem 
was firing more than one antimissile on any detected missile, raising 
the costs even more. One doesn't need to be a math's wizard to 
understand that Israel must save costs somehow.

Even the limited data available is enough to understand Israel's 
strategy. First, the antimissile system's budget originates in the 
American aid, thus actually it cost to Israel much less than its nominal 
production cost. Israel pays its fully owned missile producer RAFAEL 
with American money. Moreover, Israel must spent the money in the same 
year it is given; otherwise it is lost. This is the cruel mechanic of 
the world's largest war machine. Then, the fine print of the new deal 
reveals another side of Israel's strategy.

Here is where the data is a bit sketchy, but still good enough. A few 
days ago, Iran captured an American drone produced by Boeing, 
<http://www.roitov.com/articles/evidence.htm> the main company to 
benefit from the new deal with Israel. This drone was at the lower end 
of American unmanned aerial vehicles and exemplifies what Boeing is best 
at: inexpensive technology. Israel spends American money designing 
expensive toys, but buys from the USA the cheapest available goods. In 
this case, it is the abovementioned Boeing's Joint Direct Attack 
Munitions, which are a transition technology capable of upgrading dumb, 
cheap bombs into GPS-guided devices. This is cheaper than purchasing 
bomb designed to be guided. Most of the current deal is made of these 

American Moral

There is no way of phrasing this differently: the USA and Israel have 
signed a deal on Israel's next war. Like Operation Pillar of Cloud 
<http://www.roitov.com/index.htm#pillarofcloud>, it will be conducted 
mainly with American *attack weapons*. The technology to be used is a 
transitional one, indicating that both, the USA and Israel, are getting 
rid of their arsenal of old dumb bombs. America preaches peace, its 
president is even the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, but in the 
ground, America consistently supports and performs 
<http://www.roitov.com/articles/ala.htm> attacks on the meek in the name 
of Democracy and Human Rights.

President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, please let me steal another 
second of your valuable time and remind you two verses: "Blessed are the 
peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God," and "Blessed 
are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." President Obama, Prime 
Minister Netanyahu, you don't own Earth, you don't have a monopoly on 
righteousness. Thus, instead of warring around, let me dare you, "let 
your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works." 
Start step by step; first, try treating your people honestly; then 
spread goodness worldwide. As of now, we see only your evilness.

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