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PCHR Weekly Report: “Three Killed, Dozens Injured Last Week”


Friday April 06, 2012 03:27 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News Report post

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), 
based in Gaza, published its weekly report on 
Israeli violations in the occupied territories 
for the period between March 29 – April 4, and 
stated that Israeli soldiers continued their 
systematic attacks against the Palestinians 
killing three residents, including one child, and 
wounding 73, including 18 children in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

During the reported period, Israeli soldiers 
carried out 77 invasions into Palestinian 
communities in the West Bank in addition to 3 
limited invasions into the Gaza Strip. During 
these invasions, soldiers kidnapped 28 
Palestinians, including five children and one journalist.

The PCHR said that one Palestinian was killed, 
while 73 civilians, including 18 children, were 
injured when the army opened fire at protesters 
marking the 36th anniversary of the Palestinian 
Land day of March 30 in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

On Saturday, March 31, a Palestinian was killed 
by Israeli army fire in the central Gaza Strip; 
soldiers claimed he was armed, and that he was 
digging near the border area with Israel.

On Monday, April 2, one resident from a Rammoun 
village near the central West Bank city of 
Ramallah was pronounced dead at an Israeli 
hospital after suffering serious injuries during 
an invasion carried out by the army in the village on March 27.

The PCHR said that three residents were injured 
during the invasion, and that the soldiers did 
not allow Palestinian medics to provide them with 
the needed first aid, or to transfer them to a 
local hospital; later on, soldiers transferred 
the three to an Israeli hospital where they 
underwent surgeries, but one of them died of his wounds.

On Tuesday, April, 3, a Palestinian child was 
shot and killed by Israeli military fire while 
playing in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

One day before the killing of the child, Israeli 
aircrafts dropped leaflets on border areas, in 
the northern part of the Gaza Strip warning the 
residents of approaching the border. The leaflets 
warned that the army would violently respond to 
any attempt to get as close as 300 Meters to the border.

33 Palestinians, including two children, were 
injured in the West Bank after the army used 
excessive force in dispersing Land Day nonviolent 
protests, and similar protests against the 
Annexation Wall and settlements in the occupied West Bank.
13, of the wounded, including an International 
peace activist, were injured after the army 
violently attacked protests against the Wall and 
settlements. Dozens of nonviolent protesters 
suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

Furthermore, soldiers removed seven tents and 
confiscated two water tank in Beit Forik village, 
east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The Israeli government continued its illegal 
settlement activities in the West bank, while 
extremist settlers continued their attacks 
against Palestinian civilians and their property, wounding a Palestinian woman.

One March 31, several settlers attacked four 
Palestinian civilians travelling near the Mikhmas 
intersection, east of Ramallah.

The residents were heading to an agricultural 
area when the settlers attacked them with iron 
bars, and pepper-sprayed them. One of the wounded 
civilians, age 57, suffered fractures in her left 
arm and bruises all over her body, a second 
civilian, 50, suffered various bruises.

Also on March 31, extremist settlers attacked a 
famer, age 67, and his family in Beit Ummar town, 
north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

On April 2, soldiers used military bulldozers to 
dismantle 6 tents, and two water tanks, in 
Al-Ja’wana area, east of Beit Forik, in the 
Nablus district. The attack is the second since February 14, 2012.

Despite Israeli claims of easing the restriction 
on movement in the West Bank, soldiers installed 
dozens of roadblocks, and kidnapped one 
Palestinian child at a roadblock near the central 
West Bank city of Ramallah. Soldiers also 
harassed a University student at the Huwwara 
roadblock, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Despite Israeli claims of largely easing the 
siege on Gaza, the recently declared Israeli 
measures remain vague and fail to address the 
core issues of the situation, as the siege 
continues to hinder the daily lives of the civilian population.

The PCHR called on Israeli to completely lift the 
siege, allowing all exports and imports, and to 
lift the travel ban into and out of the Gaza Strip.

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